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None worthy of a post

  • Gandhi is stalking me. Totally.

  • Mia had blood drawn again today (still nothing to worry about, just following up on some results from last time that are almost certainly nothing). It was much better than last time. I mean, it absolutely sucked and there was much screaming, but they were fast and better prepared and she got over it as soon as I handed over the lollipop. And then we left and I was carrying Mia and pushing Owen in the stroller and realized that my daughter's blood was running down my leg. Not, in truth, all that much of it, but when it is your child's blood exiting your child's body the smallest amount looks like a raging torrent.

  • Owen is sleeping for shit lately and it has been weeks since I got two consecutive hours of sleep. I'm not going for advice, just pity. Like "Poor Beth" or "you are a saint for dealing so very well with this" or "wow, your ass looks great in those bloodstained pants, but don't you think you could have found a minute to change sometime in the past 12 hours?".

  • I had another couple of these, but Owen is awake again. Poor Beth.

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despite your words of non-worry, still over here praying for miss mia (since i believe in and trust in prayer; that's ma' thing!). hope all's well (i'm sure it is, but just wanted you to know that some folks do care, for realz).

Poor, Beth.

Poor Beth. If I had a bag of chocolate, I'd totally send it to you. But, I don't. So you're stuck with admiration and pity.

Every sleepless night brings you a little bit closer to the solid nights of sleep, right!?!?!

So sad for Mia, they sure are taking a lot of her blood. Awfully scarey for a little girl, think you should stock up on ice cream (Costco Style), you both deserve it!!!!

Ooh. Feel your pain on that one. My guy was awake every hour and a half last night. I'm going to punch the next person who suggests, "have you started him on rice cereal?"

If I knew you IRL, I'd bring you a big bag of Trader Joe's Tempting Trail Mix.

Beth I am so sorry you aren't sleeping. I'm not sleeping either. I'm so tired I don't know what else to say. ;) Oh yeah, poor, poor, Beth who gets no sleep and doesn't have time to find clean pants.

I'm not sleeping either, but it's all my own stupid body's fault. I hope Owen gets some solid sleep in soon! (Wow. Lots of alliteration :P)
You are a superhero :D

You know what would help with Owen, uh.... never mind that. Poor Beth. I think you are a saint for dealing so very well with this.

Poor Beth...but wow, what a good mommy!

I'll tell you what, since I am having the hot flashes from hell and no longer sleep, I'll just come down and watch Owen so that you and Chris can sleep at night.

Poor Beth! We had the same crap going on with Beth (a day younger than Owen) recently - I'm betting growth spurt and over soon! *Sends virtual M&Ms and cafe mocha with extra espresso to get you through the day*

Poor, poor Beth.
It's a trendy woman that can accessorize with blood sister!

You have all my pity

Poor Beth! Would you like a pie?

can I pour you a cup of coffee?

Wow Beth, you are a smoking hot saint and you really rock those blood-stained pants!

How about a cookie?

Poor, poor Beth. I'd make you cookies and brownies if I were local to you.

I've been stalked by both Hootie and the Blowfish AND Lenny Kravtiz. Neither are allowed in my car anymore.

I'm betting growth spurt too but that still sucks. Why can't he grow while he's sleeping? I just had a horrible thought. What if he is growing cuter? You'll be powerless! He'll take over the world with his dimples.

My wish for you is a room full of tic tacs and a flirty Hotty Pediatrician to share them with. By the way, are you doing something different with your hair? It looks really nice today.

Poor, poor Beth. I pity you!

Just hang on girl, you can do it!

Poor you. [pat pat pat]

Why is Gandhi stalking you?

Oh Poor Beth! How do you stay so radiant and thin and still manage a busy household? Have I told you how nice your hair looks today?

On the real, you are fab! Less than 2 hrs of sleep? SUCKTASTICNESS!

poor saintly beth w/ the great ass - I feel for ya hun!

Poor Beth. But your hair looks great!

You are so hot. And that ass.

Good? That work? Yes?

So hott. See that? Two 't's. That's how hot you are.

Poor sainted Beth! not sleeping is the total horridness. I think your hair looks fantastic, and it will come to an end at some point. You are awesome.

Poor sainted Beth! not sleeping is the total horridness. I think your hair looks fantastic, and the sleeplessness will come to an end at some point. You are awesome.

I'm sorry Beth, I don't know how you do it night after night.

you could have a worse stalker, i think :)

I thought what you said about blood was really clever and insightful. Especially on such crappy sleep, you poor thing.

haha. You ARE a saint. Holy cow. I remember being an absolutely evil wench when my 18 month old was doing his 6 months of not sleeping. ever. You on the other hand are hysterically funny. Awesome work. :D

I hear 'ya. And poor poor you because it sucks BALLS to be sleep-deprived.

pooooor Beth. One day you'll look back at this and laugh. 'you remember that crazy time when I didn't get any sleep?!'

Poor Beth. And by Beth, I mean you and me both, sister. Mimiclaus, likewise, thinks sleep is for losers.

I barely survived the four month sleep regression. My best wishes for your sanity!

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