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We had some weather around these parts yesterday, the sort where I ran upstairs to grab napping children away from windows and walked the yard afterwards stunned that all of the many trees on our property were still standing. Many of our neighbors were not so lucky with the trees, including four huge ones around the corner that were entirely uprooted.

I've always loved power outages. Although as an adult there are far more hassles than there were when I was a kid, like worrying whether the milk is still good and making an emergency run to my in-laws' after dinner with a quart or so of frozen breast milk that needed a functioning freezer.

But the good parts are still there - the feeling that you have slipped out of time and are suspended somehow in a twilit pause. I spent a couple hours yesterday afternoon playing with Mia in her playroom - no laundry to do, no email to check, just costumes to wear and Little People about whom to compose elaborate life stories worthy of any daytime soap. Owen was napping in his swing, battery powered and therefore the only noise in the neighborhood other than the occasional car and the mob of birds that emerged after the storm to inspect their own damage and compare notes.

Mia has been fascinated by flashlights lately and was all too happy to use them to navigate the house, and was even more amazed by the candles we lit as the sun set. Dinner was take-out and followed by Mia's first ever screening of Cinderella - viewed on a laptop by candlelight. We put the kids to bed with no monitors, their doors open to try to catch any meager breeze, allowing me to stop in to check on them every few minutes as I don't think I will ever lose the urge to do.

Chris gets cranky when the power is out - can't survive that long without the internet - but I think it is calming. Which side are you on?

(And P.S. How do I get Mia to keep her damned fingers out of her damned nose? Dammit.)

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Think of it this way;

Picking her nose improves her motor skills, specifically had/nostril co-ordination,
It's one thing you don't have to do for her and,
It provides her with a handy snack.

Just letting you know the positives ;)

Once I get over the urge to keep checking to see if there's a way to get the power to come back on, then I am squarely in the "this is calm and peaceful" group.

I absolutely love dramatic weather (provided it's injury free and simply an amazing show). Growing up here in the North East, I have an entire facet of my memory devoted to raging summer storms. My sister and I used to sit out on the front porch and watch the drama unfold, and before the real storm would hit, we'd zip around on the beach in our sweaters and shorts and watch the seagulls hover to catch the fish that were jumping and waves crashing onto the beach in a thunderstorm of their own.

We had a dog growing up who was insanely afraid of thunder, and my sister tried to institute "psychotherapy" for the poor little guy buy having him sit with us on the porch to witness the fury. It never worked.

I am in the "calm and peaceful" category to a certain extent. If it is still daylight, and I can therefore still read or knit or play games, then I am content with the quiet and calm. Once it's dark, though, I want power because I am not very good at reading with a flashlight.

We managed to keep power at home, but we lost power at the office for a couple hours. Since I work on a laptop instead of a desktop, I still was able to work, and power did come back on before the workday ended. It went right back out again when I was in the stairwell to the parking garage, though, so I made my way to my car by the light of my cell phone (all the while cursing how the emergency lights didn't come on as they should.)

I love a power outage. The quiet can't be beat. It's not until the power goes out that I realize how annoying the hum of everything can be.

I'm definetly on the calm and peaceful side. Actually, last week, without weather, we lost the internet/phone/television (its all one company). Now, I can admit that I am addicted (I hate when people use that word lightly but there you go). I LOVE being incommunicado and having no options for electronic entertainment. But as soon as it came back, here I was, checking my blogs and email as if it matters that I know EXACTLY when something happens. I had housekeeping caught up on, my children were tended to properly and we danced around to music. Every New Years for the past 3 or 4 years, I've vowed to only go online twice a week. NEVER HAPPENS. So while I work on that, I'll pray for bad weather ;-)

I love thunderstorms.

I made the mistake of making a joke out of nose "clean up" with my little one. Now he repeats it back to me when I scold him. "I'm not picking my nose, Mommy! I've got a pirate on the ship!"

I do love power outages too. It seems like everyone comes together to help each other out, and I like the idea of nothing to do but be together. Last summer we had a bad storm and many people in our neighborhood, including us, lost trees, or at least large branches to even larger trees. It happened about midnight, so the next morning the neighborhood was abuzz with people and helping and chainsaws. It was FUN. Luckily no one had any property damage, other than the lost tree limbs, or that would've been a bit of a buzz kill.

My grandma told me when I was little "Everyone picks their nose, so if you need to, do it in the bathroom." So I tell my kids the same thing- if you need to pick your nose, please go to the bathroom for some privacy.

I usually handle it pretty well but a few weeks ago our power went out and it was 89 degrees outside (It is Alabama in the spring!). I am 6 months pregnant (I was 5 months at the time) so I did not take it to well, not just because there was nothing to do BUT BECAUSE I WAS HOT AND UNCOMFORTABLE. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for indoor plumbing, I ran a cool bath and just sat in it for awhile until my husband could not listen to me anymore and we loaded up and went to Target (ahhh sweet a/c)

Here in Florida, power outages usually suck for a number of reasons:

1. The reason for the outage is more than likely due to a hurricane.
2. You're more worried about the damage done to your roof.
3. It's friggin hot when there's no power, unless it's December to February, and, even then, if the humidity's still over 75%, it's awful.

So, why I think I would love YOUR type of outages up in the DC area, I hate ours down here.

LOVE thunderstorms, power outages are fine as long as they are not in New York City.

When I was a child I loved them. (I was not in NYC.)

Of course, I don't need a power failure to light candles- every day is a candle and incense day! And I have a lovely no-music accompanied thunderstorm on my ipod. It is a nice mood-setter.

LOVE thunderstorms, power outages are fine as long as they are not in New York City.

When I was a child I loved them. (I was not in NYC.)

Of course, I don't need a power failure to light candles- every day is a candle and incense day! And I have a lovely no-music accompanied thunderstorm on my ipod. It is a nice mood-setter.

LOVE thunderstorms, power outages are fine as long as they are not in New York City.

When I was a child I loved them. (I was not in NYC.)

Of course, I don't need a power failure to light candles- every day is a candle and incense day! And I have a lovely no-music accompanied thunderstorm on my ipod. It is a nice mood-setter.

LOVE thunderstorms, power outages are fine as long as they are not in New York City.

When I was a child I loved them. (I was not in NYC.)

Of course, I don't need a power failure to light candles- every day is a candle and incense day! And I have a lovely no-music accompanied thunderstorm on my ipod. It is a nice mood-setter.

I like power outages as well. I get an evening without the television and we have gas appliances so we can still cook and take hot showers.

The best part is how my entire neighborhood pours out onto their porches and chat late into the night and then cheers when the power comes back on.

sorry, no clue what happened with that comment posting so many times.

Oh man, I'm in Loudoun, and that storm was just terrible. I was completely convinced that a tree was going to fly through my window and kill me any minute, I can't imagine how much I would have been freaking out if I had kids. Luckily though, our power only flickered on and off during the worst of the storm, and we didn't have any outages after it calmed down. Which is good, because I'm not a big fan of power outages. I mean, yeah, it's kind of calm and peaceful for like...half an hour. After that, it's like, okay, this was nice, but where's my power? I want to get something out of the fridge, dammit!

Power outage=LOVE! I'm always terribly disappointed when it comes back on.

I too love power outages. We had one the other day as well, although not accompanied by a storm, but I spent the five hours it lasted cuddling and cooing at my newborn daughter. Not that I'm doing much else lately, but it was nice to have it so quiet.

I almost cried over having to pour out my first ever ounce of pumped breastmilk that I had put into the fridge that morning. Thought I'd better be safe than sorry.

oof - those were some storms yesterday! At the moment the 1st one hit - I was in my car at a cemetery as a funeral was starting. It was about 2 miles away from where they say a tornado touched down in Fairfax County. It was awful - all of the mourners fleeing to their cars and the canopies over the gravesite blew away.

Power outages are ok if you can open the windows and get some breeze in the summer. My husband has a wicked emergency kit so we have all kinds of lights and lanterns! Glad you guys are ok!

I love power outtages. As a kid, we would have them ridiculously frequently during the spring/summer months. Where I live now, I can think of only a handful of times we've lost power, 2 of which occurred when we were working. Bummer. I loved the quiet, change of pace that occurs. Lighting candles, being forbidden to open the refrigerator, playing flashlight hide-and-seek . . . all things I want to do again with my kid. And yet, our reliable public utilities are letting me down. We've had serious tornadic weather, and not so much as a blip. :-)

Did the entire country get hit with those damned storms. Fortunately, we did not lose power but I did lose a satelite signal in the middle of Top Chef. Rat bastards.

It sounds like you guys had a lovely afternoon in the dark. I have no helpful offerings about the finger to nose thing, though...

Here in TX spring means lots of storms hence lots of power outages - nothing like coming to work w/ wet hair and blow drying it at work - or applying makeup (very little) at your desk.

I love busting out flashlights, candles, etc we always find something to do or talk about.

I tell my boys - if you dont get your finger out of your nose your eyeball is going to pop out.

I love it when the power goes out. Okay, maybe not love so much as I don't mind it. I always walk to the stove to boil water for tea - and then realize I'm retarded, it needs POWER.

The kids love to see all the candles and we try to read stories or have them make up stories to tell us.

As for the nose thing... no good advice. Except to say that they stop at some point. I used to tell the big kids to go get a tissue when I caught them.

The baby has started bringing me his boogers. I'm not sure if I should be glad he's not eating them, or just grossed out.

If you figure it out - I want to know your trick!

I love power outages.

The only thing I've been able to teach my son regarding the nose boogies is that boogies go in the sink (instead of rolled into a ball and dropped on the floor). I can't get him to stop, though we're working on "not at the table".

Small steps.

I tend to enjoy shortish power outages and passionate weather. Last night, because I couldn't get to sleep, I sat on the living room sofa and that cats and I watched the light show of the thunderstorm that passed over.

What I don't like is when the power goes out and you're out driving and people refuse to follow the stop-sigh rules when the traffic signals are out. Or when the power is out for so long the stuff in the fridge spoils.

She isn't picking her nose. Her brain itches, and she is trying to scratch it!

Power outages as an adult make me a little crazy, due to, like you said, the need to conserve freezer/refrigerator items. However, as a rule, I love the feeling of being disconnected for a while.

Take care!

I like blackouts too.

While I normally love storms, the ugly weather has gotten bad enough here in Iowa that I'm plain fed up. We're moving to Georgia in August... and I can HARDLY WAIT.
Damn tornadoes.

I love, love, love thunderstorms and power outages, but don't get them all that often, so that's probably why ;)

I am so with you. I love thunderstorms and any excuse not to do laundry I'm all for. Definetely peaceful. When I was a kid we use to sit on the front porch during a Thunderstorm, very cool, I miss that.
As far as the nose picking...I usually yell out "EWWWW, GROSS! THAT'S NASTY!" And I make my 2 year old get a tissue. He now will ask for a tissue. My mom use to tell me that my finger was going to get stuck up there. Couldn't hurt huh?
Good Luck!

Oh man, I'm in Fairfax and I live on the 12th story of my apartment building...we got the works. Leaking windows from the sideways rain (seriously? what the heck?), power outages, scary-sounding wind. And then traffic snarls of DOOM after the traffic lights went out, which I watched from the peace of my balcony. I hope the whole summer's not going to be like this!

Winter power outages when you have electric heating and an electric stove- especially in Maine. Those are worrisome. But I'd grab my cats in one room with me, wrap up in a down blanket and layers-
and be rather disappointed when the electricity came back on and it made sense to blow the oil lamps out, turn the TV/computer back on, use the microwave.
It was always nice to live without those things for a while.

I'm on the side of power outages...most of the time.

We've been having the "Great Rolling Blackout of Afghanistan 2008" and it happens for about 3 hours during the day. When it's 120 degrees. And I'm trying to sleep because I'm on night shift...NOT so nice.

But I love a good storm and to have an outage during the storm has always been my favorite time. My kids and my Kris love it, too. It's a great time to settle in for some creative family time.

As for noses. Noses are curious things. There is nothing humane you can really do but keep reminding her gently not to. All the frustration and grumping in the world won't fix it and I've heard someone suggest the home remedy for thumb sucking would work (tobasco), but OWWW and NOOOO I just couldn't do that to my kiddos.

You think noses are fun? Wait till Owen discovers his parts that stick out. Usually around that time the boys will pull and twist and it takes a while for them to get over the "COOL!!!" factor.

Yeah, so, I have no suggestions. :/

I love when the power is out. Although there was one winter when the power went out in an ice storm for over a week. That maybe cured me of ever wanting it to happen again.

Short power outages are neat. Long ones (days long) suck.

Kids are booger-eaters. If you find out how to keep them out of there, you let me know. We say something every time, and ask "do you need a kleenex?" and don't take no for an answer.

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