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Owen Wednesday #16: Tough Guy Edition

I wish I could blame this one on Mia, but it was all me.

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So cute Don't be to hard on yourself My sone had rabbit years on at 8 days old and last week at 10 weeks was wearing a cinderella wig.
It was all me.

ok, I am going to have to insist upon a "Warning- Cuteness Overload Ahead" for now on.
Oh, the smile, the bunny ears, the chubby baby. I feel the stress of the morning commute just draining away!

Thanks for the perfect snack with my morning tea. Can.we.say.too.cute.for.words!

As moms, we have to do that stuff. My kids endured bunny ears, annoying halloween costumes, reindeer ears, Santa hats...the list goes on...

You're giving me some great ideas for when mine is born :0)
Pol x

I could just swallow him whole!! What a cutie pie!!

He is sooooo going to kill you when he's older!

And he seriously, couldn't be any cuter (bunny ears notwithstanding).

Good grief! You are almost making me want another one. ALMOST.

You cannot get any cuter.

Gosh, he looks so much like Mia in a couple of those.

You two sure know how to make cute kids.

That kind of reminds me of the movie, A Christmas Story--where Ralphie's aunt sends him the large pink bunny suit and his dad tells him he looks like a "pink nightmare" :) Owen definitely does not look like a nightmare, though! :)

Love! It!

I love how he looks a wee bit stunned in the first shots then is totally working it by the last. What a cutie!

Your floor is so clean, how do you manage it???

Hmm..maybe he could audition for the Christmas Story remake...and those eyes are mesmerizing...amazingly crystal clear blue. Adorable!

Hmm..maybe he could audition for the Christmas Story remake...and those eyes are mesmerizing...amazingly crystal clear blue. Adorable!

That is adorable. My son (2 months old) has a tuft of hair on top of his head and I keep thinking of all of my duaghter's hair bows...and how they would just look so cute on his little head. :)

He looks just like Mia!

wow, he does look just like Mia! i dressed my poor son up as a sunflower for his first halloween. daddy said it was cruel, but it was SO cute!

I love it. Dang, he's so rolly polly looking. I just want to squish him. In a good way of course. You and Chris make some dam cute babies.

Oh my gosh, are you kidding! That is so precious. I just want to squeeze him!!!!

He's man enough for the ears. Go tough guy Owen!

Also, any idea why it doesn't save my personal info, even though I always choose yes?

he looks JUST like mia when he smiles!

I look at your gorgeous chub a lub and can't imagine anyone putting a baby on a diet.

It's a happy easter in June.

That baby is too cute but you really just wanted us to see hoe immaculate your floor is, right?

Those pink ears totally bring out his blue blue eyes. These must be noted to show to all girlfriends in the future.

Oh sweet Lord that child is adorable!

I totally see this picture being used as blackmail if he gives you hell when he hits the teen years. LOL

Oh now that is just too damn cute!!!

I hear parents talk about having "blackmail" photos of their children. I tend to think who really cares about a naked bottom at 3 years old? Or what's the big deal about that cheesy dance recital photo of a 6 year old? But these? These should be kept in a fire-safe box with your precious documents. These are THAT good.

Also, I kinda want to eat your tough bunny. He's scrumptious.

What a lil darling! Could you please tell me what the chair he's sitting in is called? That looks handy for a baby gift for a friend. And I've never seen one til I saw pics of Owen. Thanks!

I have the same floor and it never looks like that... Ever.

How cute is he! We were thinking of getting Roo a chair like that! Would you recommend it?

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