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Owen Wednesday #17: Pretend There Isn't Vomit on my Shirt Edition

See what I mean about the eyes?

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DAMN that is one cute child.

I just want to eat this kid up!!!

Those jowls will rule the world someday.

(And, what's up with the sidebar? How come no love for Owen? I hereby announce the formation of the "Get Owen Some Sidebar Love" group. Who's with me?)

whelp, I just died! But what a way to go - death by ungodly cute baby! lol That last pic just kills me with his baby mohawk and big toothless grin!!

Vomit? What vomit? All I can see are those EYES.

Oh, yes, those blue eyes are piercing! Those are gonna make a few ladies swoon someday. Also, I Love LOVE the gummy smile. They have that gummy smile for such a short time!

oh the cheeks! my ovaries hurt...

This baby totally needs to be in pictures. I want to open up the ads in my Sunday paper and see him modeling the latest onesie. Seriously, have you guys considered it? He is probably the cutest baby I've ever seen. He's at least top three!

Goodness, he is an adorable little guy. *GULP!* I just ate him up. Sorry!

Not everyone can be that effective at pulling off a toothless grin, but holy crap, yo...he definitely did it.

How do two slim people like you and Chris go and make babies with the chubbiest most pinch-able cheeks ever?

Vomit? What vomit? I can't see anything but the gorgeousness!

gah. so. cute.

My gosh, what a happy, most adorable little boy you've got yourself there Beth. He's going to be a heartbreaker someday, or he probably already is.

Oh, and also, I love your purple couch, if that is indeed yours.

What a punkin'

Number four is my favorite shot.
He is cute as a bug.

sweet buttery jesus they are blue... and yes he is so adorable that the sound you just heard is my ovary bursting :)

Hm, yes I do see what you mean about the eyes! My goodness! *NOM*

Those eyes are mesmerizing. Just Simply Gorgeous. Mia will have to fight off the girls for him while he hypnotizes them into giving him lunch money :)

Oh my! What a handsome little man he is! You know he looks like a boy! I mean, there's no question that this is a guys, guy baby boy! Did I explain that right?

Holy CRAP, he is just BE-YOND cute.

I think I am in love. I've always been a sucker for blue eyes.

He is one beautiful boy. Those eyes are sooo gorgeous. And I just can't get over what a chunka lunka he is, what a cutie patootie.

Oh those CHEEKS! He's too cute.

Oh those CHEEKS! He's too cute.

I think Roo just fell in love with Owen! Gorgeous eyes.

That blue really seems here to stay, if the color quality is any indication. I always thought it was the slate gray blue that faded into something else.

He's too cute for words.

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