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Owen Wednesday #18: Modes of Transportation Edition

When you are four months old, getting around can be tough. There are options though:


Hitching a ride

(Let's all pretend we don't see me in these pictures, mkay? I tried to crop myself out, but it just didn't work. And as long as we are pretending, let's go ahead and pretend they are in focus.)

Leg chub as flotation device

Comments (26)

How do your floors stay so clean!?!

Cute pics! I vote leg chub.

I'm in love with chubby legs! On babies, of course. I could do without mine.

Oh man, the leg chub has me reeling! That is serious chub. I'm assuming knees will sprout out of that mass of baby fat goodness one of these days. Amazing!

You are lookin' awfully trim there, Ms. Beth. An in-focus picture might be in order! Whoops, mentioned it.


But you're so goddamn CUTE in those pictures! How can I ignore that?

ACK. He is CUTE CUTE CUTE. The leg chub! THE LEG CHUB!

It's all about the chub.

I love leg chub!

OMG! Look at those chubby legs! They are the sweetest!
And BTW: You look great!

Hahah I really like that last option. (And it's true, you are adorable, so hush.)

Wait a minute- WHO BIRTHED THAT CHILD because it certainly wasn't YOU and your SMOKIN ASS!

He looks so solid with the "walking." Good grief!

leg chub as flotation works wonders for Owen it seems (and you look fine in or out of focus :P)

You are absolutely adorable, it's almost painful really!

And can I just say I LOOOOOOVE the 'come hither' look on Owen's face in the second pic?! And I might be forced to chew on those chubby legs, just a little....

I absolutely LOVE the second pic. He's got this "Yeah, I'm awesome" look going on.

You need to bottle the sweetness of your kiddos and market it to hypoglaucemics. Just too adorable to not cure cancer or something.

Although all of my kids got the cute chubby thing, Madison (My middle one) got the MAJOR CHUB between about 4 and 10 months old. I used to chomp on him regularly. Chubby baby feet & knees are soooo edible.

You are so beautiful beth, even out of focus, I almost forgot to look at Owen.
But the leg chub, oh my gosh, thanks for making me laugh.

Holy cow, look at those legs. That's a beautiful site. He's adorable. :D

You are just adorable, so shut up! :)

And those thighs...magnificent. Owen, you are just yummy delicious indeed!

Eat the legs! Eat the legs!

You are both adorable.

At first I thought this was a post about Chris' ass. Thank god I was wrong!

Owne just gets more and more beautiful and you look great, hope i look that good after i've had mine!
Pol x

Awwwww! He's so adorable! I just want to bite those arms and legs and cheeks! (and you totally look great!)

Oh my gosh, that behind the knee leg chub in the first pic is so cute!

I vote for leg floatation! lol

Oh my! I don't think I could resist those legs.

Owen is quite handsome, but wow Beth, you look great!

I had no idea Owen was packing such awesome legs! He's so adorable!

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