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Owen Wednesday #19: Baby Got Back Edition

Comments (35)

He is so gorgeous!!! He just gets more gorgeous with every picture you post!!!

oh my that baby is delicious ! :) cutie, cutie, cutie !

He is SO adorable! Very sweet pictures. =)

Holy crap, this kid is so goddamned cute. Elbow dimples! What a fantastic smile, too.

With a title like that, I expected more tush -- but still, adorable baby and great pics!

Oh. Oh my. That wasn't fair.

he he he, nudies!!!

Ha. That song was just on the radio. And, I'm sad to say I listened to it.

Owen is gorgeous. How'd you set up the lighting?

So cute! And just like my son, hands in the mouth!

I love his delight!

Those eyes! And he's so happy. Roo likes to eat her fingers too. But we don't get to photograph that without massive amounts of drool.

Omigosh, way too cute!

What a sweet boy! Don't you just want to eat him up?

He is so adorable! I love that smile!

oh. my. goodness. he is one cute kid! who was the photographer? excellent pictures!

end of story, lol
and i'm not a stalker by any means, but who the heck can resist those EYES????? Eeek He's so Handsome & Beautiful & Cute & Sweet & Happy
You'll be beating the girls off by the dozens ;)

Great job on the pictures, Beth! (Did you take them??) The lighting makes him look so angelic and soft and yummy. His eyes are so great, and all that squishy baby skin is making me squirm, b/c I want to feel it!

(I'm totally not a sick-o. I promise.)

Num num num!

Seriously, Beth (and Chris) - have you considered letting Owen model? Diapers, formula, something? He is too gorgeous to not let the world see. Well, okay technically the Internet sees . . .

Listen, you and Chris just make beautiful babies! This child is the most beautiful boy I have seen in a long while!

Wow. I've never seen so many fat rolls look so freaking cute. His eyes.. gorgeous. He doesn't really look like he weighs almost as much as a one year old!

How can you be pissed off about anything when you get to look at this cute little bug everyday! How prescious!!!!

oh my. #3? totally a mia face. you guys have the cutest kids.

isn't there like a baby gap my kid is the cutest contest? might as well be making money off of his good looks!

Now I'm worried for all the other babies out there; surely Owen is using up some kind of quota of cuteness!

Oh my goodness, those are spectacular photos! That is one smiling, happy baby!!!

what a ham! he's so precious!

Death. Death by cuteness. Can't breathe.

(I just want to smoosh his little chubby thighs ~ and kiss him!)

Tooo sweet.

Excellent photo session.

He is simply beautiful. He oozes happiness here.

ok, it something extra in your breast milk that makes this much adorable?
I wonder if there is a surge in baby-making after Owen Wednesdays'....?

NO! STOP! The cuteness is KILLING ME!!

OMG! I really can't decide what is his cutest feature: his huge smile, gigantic, aqua blue eyes or the munchable arms.

Laughing gas + baby = good times.

ummm I need to be able to favorite these...

In that 4th one, his eyes look just like Chris' to me! He sure is a handsome little fellow!

Wow, that is a really really cute baby!!!

What a beautiful, beautiful baby!

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