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Vote early, vote... early

This is my dining room.

Everybody has a portacrib in their dining room, right? It isn't like we use it for anything else. Well, Mia uses it because her play kitchen is on the other wall. And the curtains are god awful, yes, they are on the list. And the furniture used to be my in-laws' and they had it in storage for 20 years and gave it to us when we moved for free, so if you hate it I don't want to hear about it, and anyway the tabletop is really beautiful, remind me to post a picture of that sometime.

None of which is the point, so let's get back to this is my dining room.

Now, what would you hang over the credenza? Something like this:

Or something like this:

I'm ordering today (there's a sale) so you have until, oh, 9:00 PM Eastern to vote. Don't let me down, internets!

Comments (42)

Oh, I was so scared that I was the only one voting and that you were going to come after me if I picked the wrong one. I am so happy to see there are other voters. Yippie. Let us see it when it's done.

So I really like the abstract, although it doesn't go with the more traditional feel of the furniture. But I think with a wide wood frame and possibly a mat, it would work.

I vote neither. I vote family portraits, like, sepia ones that match your GORGEOUS table (who's chairs just need fabric covers, yo. Easily done with $50 in fabric and a sewing machine. You KNOW one of your parents sews.) In wood frames. You could fit one Owen, one Mia, and one of all four of you over that credenza in 11X14's, and then the room won't be so formal. Not that the crib isn't the perfect way to de-formalize.

Don't feel too bad. I have a huge pile of hamster cages in my dining room corner. And 3 hamster buried in the back yard. It'd take a crib anyday.

I need more information on this sale.

I need art for my bedroom.

I vote #1.

I voted Asian, but actually like them both. Like the abstract for the spring and summer months and the Asian for fall and winter. Says the compulsive redecorator with a framed art graveyard in one of her closets . . .

I vote for Mr. Lady's option! I think B&W or sepia family portraits is a great idea.

If you're more set on the artwork, then I'd go with something like the abstract, but I'm not sure how I feel about that one in particular with the wall color. Do they have something similar in green or blue tones?

I saw the abstract would rock the room with the wall color. You are such a BOLD woman! My husabnd would kick me out if I used that color on ANYTHING. How about the bold with some of Chris's black and white "abstract" family photos (Owens hands, toes, Mia in one of her many hats, maybe a black and white wedding photo?) Love the room girl!

I like the yellow art. It somehow goes there. Don't sk me why. I am not really a modern art fan, but I like that.

I saw the abstract would rock the room with the wall color. You are such a BOLD woman! My husabnd would kick me out if I used that color on ANYTHING. How about the bold with some of Chris's black and white "abstract" family photos (Owens hands, toes, Mia in one of her many hats, maybe a black and white wedding photo?) Love the room girl!

My main floor bathroom is exactly that color. I want to change it but oddly enough Stewart LOVES it.

My dining room is exactly that color but I used two different finishes (flat and glossy) in wide stripes. Like a circus.

We don't have a porta crib in our dining room but we do have diapers, wipes, burp clothes and bibs in the drawers of the china cabinet.

I dig the abstract but I second the idea of black and white family photos.

Something about the abstract thing doesn't fly for me. I love the Asian piece though...but that's just me, I love Asian art.

They're both really great :-) I think the modern one goes better with the light fixture? So if you're trying to tie together the modern and the classic, I'd definitely go with that. If the light fixture is changing then I'd go with the asian landscape. Good luck with the decisions!

I voted for the yellow abstract thing, but you could also use a mirror.

i voted abstract, but, like meredith, am a bit concerned about the frame. and the reds clashing. there is a small peek at your rug in the photo, but it is hard to tell how it would go with either.

these posts are fun. when do we get to help you pick out the curtains?

I vote abstract yellow thingy and here's why: The bold color of the walls drowns out the more subtle Asian piece -- and I think the same would happen with sepia or black/white photos, fwiw. I think you need something bold there to stand up to the strong colors in the room.

I voted for the asian thing because of the traditional feel in the room...with the wood and all. Now if you were to spruce up those chairs (say cover them with fabric, like someone else mentioned) then I would go for abstract. there are my 2 cents :)

I'm just excited that my 7 years working for a furniture manufacturer has netted me the knowledge of what a credenza is...

But I too picked the abstract thing because it seems like i've seen the Asian one before... A lot. Like a lot of people have it. I'd rather have something abstract and more unique.

I can't get over the majority voting for the yellow one. I voted for the asian one because I felt it went better with your room, furniture and found it serene and soothing.

Feel the yellow one is too modern for your stuff. Good luck and please share. Where did you find out about this online sale? Sounds interesting.

Um, I worry about the scale of these for that piece of wall. Are they big enough?

Also, I think I'd find something with a hint of blue in it to pull the colors of the rug up on the wall (assuming the rug is staying).

And if you paint the chairs black they have an asian feel and the asian piece will go nicely. Chairs and tables don't have to be so matchy-matchy these days. :)

Can't wait to see the outcomes! It's HGTV Fish-style.

I DO have a porta-crib in my dining room, and we use it as the boy's cage, ahem, playpen during the day.

P.S. I really like the red dining room.

I'm late as usual. I like the yellow abstract, but I like Mr. Lady's idea more. Except I would go with either black & white or color photos. Wood frames that match your beautiful furniture would make the photos pop out of your bold colored walls.

If it makes you feel better, I have a couple of hundred books, a case of dried mushrooms, a lap top, and a printer in my dining room.

I love the wall color, and I would like to vote for Mr. Lady's idea. That sounds like it would look fabulous.

I chose the yellow one. And I wouldn't so much call it a credenza (because that's an office space piece of furniture) as in a dining room it is called a "buffet". And your furniture is beautiful and classic!!!

I love that wall color! And I have to admit this, even though it puts me right in the town square of Stalker City, but my walls are the same color that Mia's were when you first moved - that Disney pink color. I saw it on here and loved it, and now my walls are hot pink and I LOVE it :)

I like option 2.

Our dining room is a catch all...up until last night there were baseballs, childrens artwork, photos, frames, bubble gum machine, and various other things in there.

i thought you "moved for free." i had to read that sentence like five times. (it's early. i'm tired.)

I love your dining room set. That's exactly the kind of "traditional" furniture I like to have. You can always update pieces like this with different fabrics (for the seats), paint, varnishes etc. The options are endless, but the actual shape and quality is timeless.

I have a thing for furniture I guess.

Also, I voted the abstract thing, even though I really liked both. I love that added dash of color in the abstract painting and I though it opened up your options for table runners, curtains, seat cushions etc.

I voted for the asian one and I'll tell you why. I like them both (good taste!) but the yellow is bold and deep (colour saturation). You have dark wood furniture, deep coloured walls and hardwood floors (guessing from the rug). The deep yellow would look good, but would possibly be too much deepness (if that makes sense and who knew "deepness" was a word?!). So I voted for the asian because it's light. It's an accent; like the cut glass bowls/vase on the table and credenza, like the chandelier, like the rug on the floor and the ceiling, like the curtains/window. They all add a contrast of white and brighten the room.

I look forward to seeing what you choose.

The yellow thing is very cool but is too intense for the room.

While I like both choices, Chris is such an amazing photographer that I'd choose some of his works and use wide white mats with simple black frames.

You need some color on the wall to break it up, so I voted yellow. However, my top pick would be family photos.

I think you'll eventually get tired of staring at the abstract thing. The Asian one is a lot more restful-feeling.

I LOVE the color of the walls. Can you please email me and tell me the name of the color, brand of paint and all that?? Beautiful.

And I was too late voting but I was abstract all the way. The yellow will "pop" with the red. And "popping" is a good thing. Just ask anyone on HGTV.

And we don't have a portacrib in our dining room. We are so out of style. Instead we have an air hockey table. Which is so 5 years ago.

The yellow one makes my eyes hurt. And supposedly people who've researched such matters have determined, that yellow rooms, etc. cause fights. So if Thanksgiving food fights are your thing - go for it. I voted for pretty, pretty asian one, but still didn't think it was a perfect fit. I vote for a similarly muted blue something or other - but that wasn't an option so I'll shut up now.

There's a saying, "Good art doesn't match your sofa." Don't make your decision based on whether the art matches your walls or your furniture, choose it because you love it and will enjoy looking at it every day.

I voted for none of the above... I really think either a landscape photograph or the family photos idea that someone said in one of the first comments... The family photos ideally... And update them every couple of years, just so Mia and Owen don't cringe everytime someone comes over for dinner... Apart from something symbolic like Owen's foot... All in black and white or sepia... Stunning!

I think it's a "buffet" or "side table" or some such thing - isn't credenza used in an an office?

I voted for the mean option, but I PROMISE I didn't mean it. I just don't like either picture. I like the wall color and furniture...I just think the furniture is too formal for either of the pictures. So there. My two cents. And I had to comment because I feel bad for voting that you have no taste at all, you big loser.

I like the asian thing, except the style clashes with the furniture. I like the yellow thing, except the color clashes with the room color (or so it appears, from your post.) I really like the idea of the black & white Chris photo collage. Both my husband and I admit our favorite photos of our our kids are the ones we take.

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