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Clarification on this post. I am all for thanking people who go above and beyond the call of duty to help you, or people who do their job well, or even people who do their job competently to your benefit. Therefore, I am perfectly comfortable thanking the Hotty Pediatrician for being kind to my kids, or for being patient with their sometimes hysterical mother, or for taking the time to answer all my questions and explain things to me several times it needed, or for seeming to genuinely care about his patients. (The Hotty Pediatrician is more than just pretty face, you see.) However, I am not in the habit of thanking people for bothering to show up for work, so thanking him for seeing us strikes me as ridiculous. That is all.

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Was this really a debate that broke out in your comment section? Seriously?

I second that- INGRATE!!!

You shall have your Hotty Pediatrician privileges revoked and be forced to see the Old, Sense of Humor-less Head of the Group Pediatrician who constantly posts memos in all of the exam rooms about reasonable office visit behavior (for the children) and the office's "no stimulant prescription refills on the weekend" policy (apparently for the parents) until further notice!

Your sentence is to go sit in the Comfy Chair!

Well, I have no idea what debate broke out earlier, but I will say this: I ALWAYS say thank you to my clients for letting me see their pets. And a scenario that routinely aggravates me: when clients say thank you to the receptionist and the receptionist responds with "you're welcome." To me, the better response would be "No, thank YOU for being our client!" I never would have said "you're welcome" to a paying client when I was a receptionist. Never, because I didn't do them a favor, I provided a service FOR WHICH THEY ARE PAYING, therefore, "No, Thank YOU!"

Seriously, a debate started about this. I don't thank our hotty pediatrician just for seeing us. I do thank him for having the patience of a saint with me and for making me feel like I'm a totally on top of it parent when I really feel like I'm losing my mind half the time and for never ever thinking I'm insane when I call, again, because the little man's breathing is a little off. I thank him for spending 30 minutes with us when we really only paid for 15 minutes but nope, I don't thank him just for seeing us.

Ditto. I didn't follow the debate. Thank him for coming to your house to see your kids. :-)

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