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Um, is he supposed to be able to do this at five months?

I put him up there, but I didn't expect him to hang out for ten minutes.

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I think you're going to have an early walker!! He is just too cute! Love reading your blog!

It must be the tree trucks he has for legs, they look pretty sturdy:)

Holy crap batman(woman) you have a superkid!Good luck with all that jazz!

nope. he's advanced. will probably regress when he's 13 and never get up from the couch :D

uh comes Owen!

Um, yeah... he's a bit early with that standing thing. My son did the same thing - only wanted to stand and walk, refused to even try crawling (until he realized it would get him to the vacuum cleaner, laptop cords, etc.) He's now 14 months and runs everywhere, climbs on everything, and is generally a walking time-bomb for a trip to the ER. It's great fun but I do wish you good luck!!

DUDE! You are SO screwed!!!

Nope, but Mandy did that too. I hate to tell you that she was totally ahead of the game all through her life! Including walking at about 7 1/2 months.
My prayers are with you! LOL!!!

Yep, he CAN. My son was doing that then too (if we put him there he'd stay). Scary.

Oh man! An early walker is not what you need! LMAO!

He's totally cute though, so that makes up for it!

That has got to be the Cutest. Owen. Picture. Ever.

Oh wow! He's so adorable. And strong!

I'm becoming more and more convinced you had somehow birthed a four month old back in February.

Wow. That's impressive. I don't mean to suggest that you should hinder your son's development or anything, but maybe don't put him up like that again until he's like 8 months? Unless you want him to walk at 7 months... just sayin'...

Um, no, he should NOT be able to do that ... I can't believe he and (my) Beth are only a day apart. Are you sure he didn't stay in utero for an extra 6 months, so he's really supposed to be a year old now? Good luck!

Pure Trouble!

Personally I think you are kind of like a momma cat and he was full grown and ready to be born after, like, 8 weeks but you just went with the flow and kept him in there for the other 32 as a courtesy and so as not to make other preggo moms jealous. That would put Owen at around 13 months which seems about right.

I think I just solved everything! I'm a genius! You can thank me later!

You are totally hosed!

It's true, Beth. You've spawned a superbaby!

Haha my son does that too.. except he is such a nosey wiggle worm I he lets go alot...

Haha my son does that too.. except he is such a nosey wiggle worm he lets go alot...

Have you considered starting with a small shot-put ball and working your way up? Because I think he could make the 2012 Olympics.

Very cool. My girl skipped crawling, which was always amazing.

This is so awesome. It must be those strong sumo legs he's got. Go, Owen, go!

i bet next month you'll be posting pics of Owen climbing trees or hiking up a hill!!

great shot of him, he looks so happy and pleased with himself!! =)

I've been silently comparing yours to my youngest and they're about on par for most everything. Warning: Mine crawled up stairs at 8m, stood independently at 9m and walked at 9.5m.

Best get those child safety devices ready. He's a-comin'.

Your milk truly has superpowers!

You are screwed. Totally.

Been there.

Um, my 13 month old just started doing that. You have quite the overachiever there. Yay, but man are you in for it. Soon he'll outrun Mia.

I take care of two boys that started walking at 8 months. I had never seen a baby walk that early EVER!

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

Good luck with that! Amelia did that at 4 months, walked at 8 months and hasn't stopped moving since, God help me. LOL

He is going to keep you very busy as soon as he is mobile...and it looks like that will be sooner than later!

He must have some muscles hidden beneath all that chub in his legs. I'm guessing his eyes stay blue. Piercing.

Push him back down! ;-)

He is just perfect. Those eyes!

How can you stand not to just eat him up? He is absolutely adorable. He looks squeezeably/huggable soft. I bet he smells all baby-ish. Makes me want one and I am 51, not going there. I'll just look at pictures of yours.

I don't think you are going to be able to rachet him down now that he knows he is this close to being mobile. Good Luck.

But ... he looks so very happy.

He probably just wants to be able to go get his clothes back from Mia.

I'm with Kris - you are completely screwed. Utterly.

But he's so unbelievably cute and drooly that he'll be able to pull all that mischief off and then some.

He's a little ahead of the curve but not to worry. He's adorable.

Posting this on the 22nd and wishing Mia a happy 3rd in case I don't get back for a while. My computer is in the hottest room in this little house and I'm not spending a lot of time here.

Hey I thought I'd be the first to wish Mia a happy 3rd bday but heck - someone beat me to it!

Happy birthday Mia! :D I still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday.

(I'll whisper this so maybe you won't actually hear it all and so be spared the horror story I am about to share)

*my oldest did that about 5 months, walked at 8 months, was running by that night, was in a big boy bed by 9 1/2 months, and rode a 2 wheel bike when he was two. Tape that kid to the floor, woman.*

FreezeM and I just simultaneously said "HUH?" and our jaws are still flat on the ground!

Yikes, way to go Owen. I hope he's not going to quickly be running around the house as that complicates things.

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