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Mia has started dressing herself. Several times a day. Yesterday she spent half the day wearing a diaper and three of my bras. Here's her late-morning look for today:

From the top, we have:

  • yesterday's braids
  • Owen's t-shirt
  • belly!
  • Owen's pants
  • Owen's baby legs
  • Halloween socks
  • sandals

She makes it work, no?

Comments (24)

Totally. I especially love the socks and sandals.

My girls do the same. Be aware though that it only gets worse. I do way too much laundry as I have NO idea what's clean or not when I walk into the mayhem that is their room. Clothing EVERYWHERE. It makes me crazy.

But yeah, I figure this is a great way to express themselves in a creative manner and am all about that!


The socks complete the outfit.

She is TOTALLY working that outfit.

Stand guard over your shoes; they'll be next!

She is working it alright, next it's makeup!

She is really something else! I mean, how cute is this?

She is totally rockin' this outfit!
One word.........Awesome!
(this is why I love little kids!)

Timm Gunn has called he wants Mia as a style specialist for Project Runway... :)

I have home movies of my now 17 year old daughter, dressing and undressing herself when she was about the same age as Mia. It is hysterical and when she watches them she says," why did you let me dress like that?" Why did I LET you? Honey, wait till you have to deal with a 3 year olds mindset and you will see why I LET you dress like that.

She looks like an art student.

The best part is that most of the clothes are Owen's.

I guess this means she's feeling better? And I think the best part is the belly. ;)

Her fashion sense is undeniable. And I applaud her ability to incorporate men's fashion into the mix, that's a nice touch.

oh, she is FABULOUS!
i love that she fits (kinda - hello, belly!) into owen's clothes!

Girls got style :)

That made my day and hand me laughing out loud!

I see a fashionista in the future!

Quick! Call Heidi Klum for Project Runway season 946!

I fully expect to see that look on all the runways this fall!

You have a fashion guru in the making....

So she fits into Owen's clothes?!? That boy must be huge! haha

I have to admit, she makes it work.

Wouldn't life be more interesting if adults dressed like that?

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