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Game time

One of the following statements is true. One of the following statements is false. One of the following statements is both true and false, depending on how you look at it. Your job is to guess which is which and then vote. Why? Because I like voting. And here we go!

1. I've only passed out drunk once in my life. On a bathroom floor.

2. I lost my virginity in the back of a station wagon.

3. I have a tramp stamp.

Comments (13)

I can't wait to see how any one of these facts can be both true AND false. Mystifying!

1. Maybe.
2. True, by process of elminiation.
3. False, that would hurt way too much and you seem to *pure* as far as decorating your body with a permanent graphic.

Ooh, tough ones. My guess:

1. True & False. (Maybe you passed out on the kitchen floor instead?)
2. True?
3. False? (Might help if I knew what a tramp stamp was.)

1. True
2. False
3. True/False- if one has a tattoo located in the center of one's back, but it is neither trampy nor readily visible to the general population, is it still considered a tramp stamp?

I think
1. True (hey it happened to me!)
2. False
3. Maybe you're a nerd and you have a stamp collection and one has a picture of a bum/tramp on it.

Wait, I change my vote. I think the bathroom floor is a perfectly reasonable place to pass out drunk, nigh preferable, so true to one. Back of a station wagon? That's what high school bathrooms are for. #2, false. I'm betting you DO have a stamp, but that you just don't find it to be trampy. Maybe it's a Psalm, or better yet, the Aerosmith logo. #3, both.

Totally had to google tramp stamp. Good boy, Wiki!

1=both, 2=true, 3=false

I can't vote yet because I am still sitting here trying to figure out how one of them could be both true and false. I feel like I am taking the SAT's again! I will give up and just vote "B" in a minute probably, just as I did on those.

Wait...I just realized that there is no promise to tell the answers after our vote!

i definitely think it's 1=false, 2=both, 3=true, but i'm in the 3 percentile. that's because only two choices have "both" for #2 (since the first half is obviously true, but i really doubt the second half), and i think at one point you said you have a tat, so that leads to only one choice: 1=false, 2=both, 3=true.

i'm probably wrong. there's probably a 97% chance i'm wrong, actually.

(when i do "preview" for my comment, and THEN "post," it tells me i've left too many comments and won't post it. i have to just hit "post" straight away. hmmm.)

ok, i went with true, false, both. i really can't wait to see which is both haha.

I say:

1) both (sure, bathroom floor, but more than once)

2) true

3) false

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