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Handy Tip from Beth

You know how you sometimes see those local news stories about how an astronomical percentage of car seats are installed incorrectly? I always thought there must be a whole lot of idiots around who can't figure out how to latch a couple of belts. But I just finished installing Mia's old car seat for Owen and found that for two entire years that Mia rode around in that thing it was installed incorrectly. So boo on us for not reading the directions more closely, but dammit, I had that thing inspected twice and it passed with flying colors both times. So, and you never though you would hear me say this but, boo on firemen too.

Anyway, you may all already know this, but when you are installing a car seat and applying all the muscle available in your girly little arms to try to get the straps tight and cursing up a storm and finally just saying well fuck feminism and calling your husband to do it, try sitting in the car seat and then pulling. Works like a charm. At least it does if your ass is as fat as my ass.

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I have a britax for my three year old daughter and it is the easiest thing in the entire world to install, I do use the trick of sitting my knees in the carseat and rocking back and forth while pulling the tethers. this of course is in the forward facing position. but seriously I recommend this carseat to every new mother I meet, however not everyone is willing to pay 300.00 for a pretty carseat of yellow with pink flowers:)

I seriously thought about sitting in the seat..but had a moment of panic as in what if my ass gets stuck!!!!!! Then I tried it...and it didn't get stuck.

I did learn (the hard way) that sitting in the seat and pulling works brilliantly unless your 5yo likes to open the doors while driving and so you've set the doors to child locks and while you're in the seat pulling the door swings shut and you have to crawl over the drivers seat just to be able to exit the car.

Just in case you didn't know.

Because clearly, I didn't.

I just realized my moms car seat was not installed right. In fact, it was barely installed at all. And we just drove in it to the beach.

And, if I was as thin as you I would eat more.

Yeah, I basically can't let any one else install the carseat because I check it and it's wobbling all over the place. Argh.

This fat mommy butt will never fit in the seat, but I have used the Kneel-in-it-and-tug trick.

And I have to say that I am SO grateful for LATCH systems in all the cars now. Getting it in and out of our old '99 Chrysler was a PITA.

My ass got stuck.

Good thing: my kids are too big for car seats now.

I kneel in it, too It's a really good thing I traded from my small, old car to my newer, slightly bigger car, or Cole's seat would never be secure enough. I'm just small enough to be able to kneel in the seat of a forward-facing Britax Roundabout placed in the back of a 2004 Honda CR-V. In fact, I think I should use that as a description of my size from now on. Better than "tall with a big butt."

if your ass can sit IN the seat? it certainly isn't fat, sweetheart.


i used to care for a little guy with cerebral palsy whose mom actually drove around for SEVERAL DAYS with his car seat completely unfastened in all ways possible; just sittin' there, free to tumble and roll. mostly we were just thankful that it never did.

If you can get your butt in a kid's carseat, it ain't fat.

Just sayin'.

I think that's why a good portion of CA stopped inspecting car seats, because there were too many lawsuits.

I always feel like ours is installed incorrectly, but I think I'm just paranoid.

Holy Shit. You're a genius!!!!

Two words: Mighty Tite. So worth it. You'll be poppin' the car seat in and out of your car just for the fun of it. Seriously, though, we had one for my daughter's car seat when they first came out (8 years ago, yikes!) Then immediately got another when our "surprise" came along last May. You can find them anywhere, really: Amazon, Babies R Us, maybe Target...

I kneel in it.

Also, my parents install car seats as if the seat belts are "suggestions": everything so loose you can just fling it around the car practically---like a mitten string. I always have to surreptitiously tighten all the straps as I'm putting the kids in, and then my mom talks about how the kids can't even breath.

Hi..I agree with those who say you are by no means fat if you can fit your butt in a carseat. I use the knee method too.

My ass would NOT fit in a carseat. :P

with my first son I drove to my parents with him in his new car seat in the front. on the way back, I decided he was safer in the back. He would have been if I had actually secured the seat in at all (it was the take out and use as a cary chair kind).
I turned a car and he commando rolled (safely strapped in his seat) from one side of the back seat to the other and back again. I clocked it, horrified, in my rear view mirror :-o

Clearly your stunning beauty distracted them from doing a proper inspection.

Exact same thing happened to us. Even with my big ass pushing the thing in there.

Thus is why I am so glad he is in the loosey goosey one now that merely gets the strap low enough on his chest to not decapitate him.

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