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I lied

I am entirely too bushwacked for navel-gazing, know you are devastated. Maybe tomorrow, but since we are in the midst of a double sleep strike I have to admit that I wouldn't count on a lot of content from me until at least one of my children decides to re-embrace peaceful slumber. Speaking of which, I just tucked offspring 2.0 into bed with his simulated mommy, which is two pillows and a rice sock. He totally fell for it, hence my ten entire, blissful minutes of free time this evening. Which I am devoting to blogging and ice cream, but only because I am out of wine.

Catch ya later, alligator.

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I too just polished off some Ben & Jerry's. I'm saving the wine for Friday when I am making an escape for at least two hours to go to my book club (created solely for the purpose of escaping my children every six weeks).

I feel your pain...well, at least half of your pain. The Big Lebowski has decided that sleeping through the night is for suckers.

Night-time is for rolling onto your stomach (and then howling because it woke you up and you can't roll onto your back again)....or for playing (at 4am)....or perhaps (around 4am each night lately) for whining and screaming.

FUn times

aw babe. It will get better eventually, promise.

Do you need some wine? I can bring some to the party?

Oakie dokie. Hope the offspring sleep soon.

Ugh. Sleep strikes. My friend and I were just discussing the 18 month sleep regression which Mister is going through now, and in addition Lady is staying up until 10:00 PM. WHAT is WITH this?

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