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More pediatric shenanigans

Thanks to everyone who took a break from their thrilling Saturday nights to answer my pediatrician questions. As for stealth question #4, the appropriate response, as provided by Clarabella, is clearly "take care." I will try to remember that for next time, although I always forget the things I try to remember at the Hotty Pediatrician's office, like to suck in my stomach and stuff so that I keep myself in the running should he ever find himself in need of a second wife.

I was surprised by the number of people who recommended that I thank the Hotty Pediatrician for taking the time to see us. Really? Because the way I see it, taking the time to see me is his job, I pay him for taking the time to see me (or at least the insurance company does) and he isn't really doing me any favors. It isn't like I ran into him in the grocery store and asked him to diagnose my child. Dude! I totally need to figure out where he shops so I can "casually" run into him at the grocery store.

Or else, I really need a hobby.

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Yes, "take care" is a good solution.

I get what you're saying about thanking for something you are paying him to do, but don't we do that everywhere? I don't think it's mandatory to thank people for something they kinda have to do but it's nice, I think.

Oh. I see what you mean, but I'd still thank him. It's more "common courtesy" thanking, though, not so much "servile gratitude" thanking. I thank the grocery-store bagger, too, and he's getting paid to do that job. And I thank the wait staff for bringing my food, even though they get paid to do that. And I thank the customer service rep who fixed my insurance problem, even though they get paid to do that.

Oooh, take care is an awesone platitude. Appropriate in all sorts of situations. Don't know why I hadn't thought of it. Clarabella is a genius, obviously.

I can see thanking the doc if he/she went above & beyond (like asking him about one kid at the other's appt), but for the normal stuff? I don't say thank you... I have horrible insurance, and I know FULL well what I pay for every appt. And I know that *I* don't make that kind of money for 15 minutes of work. Not that I begrudge them that - but still, I guess I'm a mannerless slug who doesn't say thank you either.

Take care -- that is most excellent. Much better than anything I had!

I usually thank Kara's pediatrician, but I don't think it's any different than thanking the server who brings you your food at a restaurant. It's their job, but it's still a nice thing to say.

I live in Indiana, and now I'm very curious about question number four, so if you feel so inclined, do pass it on. :)

Wow, if you're still taking advice for the problem email me, I'm in NYC so wouldn't ever figure out HPs identity.

As for saying Thank You...I say it to everyone everywhere, regardless. The pediatrician, the bus driver, everyone. It doesn't matter if I am paying someone to do something or not- gratitude is a nice thing and it's nice show appreciation for people.

I get what you're saying about it being his job and all, but.. I'm the idiot that said Thank You to a police officer after he'd just given me a ticket. Seemed kinda wrong!

In any case, I guess I should have read this post before replying to the one before! Doh.

Hmmm, thinking about it, I usually thank our ped, because she's full of good advice beyond just medical.

I ALWAYS thank the nurses and receptionist when they squeeze us in for a sick appointment. I work out of the home, so I prefer my appointments to be late afternoon (same as everyone else) and they do a good job of accommodating me. Again, it's their job, but they could just say "if you can't have him here in the AM, it'll have to wait until tomorrow."

I left you an award over at my blog! Go grab it!

I think we all like to be thanked for doing our job every once in a while, so it's not too weird!

We pediatricians absolutely LOVE the grocery store consult.

Becky's obviously trying to butter me up for something. Free advice, perhaps.

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