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New tricks, etc.

Hey, anybody out there wanna give me three seconds of free technical help? I'm doing a new install of MT and can't get it to publish over the file tree, seems to just not be generating an index file and I am flummoxed. Anyone? Anyone? Come on, it has to be easy, I'm just totally sleep deprived and have no time to deal with it anyway.

Moving on, Owen has learned a new trick.

You would pay a million dollars to have Mia's hair, wouldn't you? Me too.

Swear to god I'll generate some content around here one of these days, like about how I was reading a book about the nouveau riche and encountered a long quote from someone I actually know, which was weird. Or about my totally unfulfilling trip to the non-Hotty Pediatrician (the Hotty Pediatrician was unavailable, something about vacation, how dare he!). Or maybe about the mayhem that is to be Mia's birthday party on Saturday. But it is rather hard to focus on the typing when one or the other of the children is always screaming at the top of their lungs. (Confidential to my children: You would spend less time in exhausted, uncontrollable sobbing if you would just for the love of god SLEEP once in a while. Just a tip from me to you.)

Oh! I need help! 16 adults, 9 kids, I'm buying cold cuts for sandwiches for lunch. How much meat do I need? I can't even remember the last time I bought meat.

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Would totally pay at least a million, or maybe 6 for Mia's hair! SO gorgeous. And yay Owen!

Good luck w/ Princessapalooza on Sat ;)

Go to a good deli (or a good deli counter at the local grocery store), explain what you are doing, and the nice people there will advise you on how much meat you will need. They are usually startlingly accurate. It is a science somehow...

And they can recommend good cold cut combinations, too, so your guests can create their own deluxe sandwiches. Just have plenty of veggies, dressings (mayo, horseradish, mustard, vinegar/oil, etc...) and rolls or tortillas, and you should have a successful little sandwich bar for your party.

Oh yes, and cheese... They can recommend various cheeses and how much you might need. With the dairy-protein allergy in our house, it is so easy to forget cheese sometimes...

Owen is huge. It's kind of amazing and startling ;) But my word, is he ever cute - and that Mia girl too! Best of luck with the party!

OMG! Can I have just one little nibble of Owen's thigh? Just a little nom nom nom. Damn he's cute!

OMG! Can I have just one little nibble of Owen's thigh? Just a little nom nom nom. Damn he's cute!

MT: I'd check permissions on the directory and make sure they are 777, check space on the server and database server, check to see if there are any outages with your host, etc.

25 sandwiches? Hm, probably in the neighborhood of 3 pounds total.

Per technical help: Huh? Whaaaa? and Pardon? The only word I understood was flummoxed. Sorry.
Per meat for sandwich bar, I was going to say maybe just buy two pounds of thinly sliced meat and cheese (each), but if no one's going to eat the leftovers, I have to second the "good deli" suggestion of a previous poster.
Mia's hair=envy of all the interwebs
Owen=getting so big and just fiercely cute!

Mia's hair is getting so long and it's fabulous! As for the meat, I'd probably go for 5 pounds total. You don't want people to have to be skimpy (maybe that's just me) and I think that would be probably just enough figuring there's 25 sandwiches like someone else said. Good luck Saturday!!!

ive been a superbowl party thrower for 4 years now for 20+ ppl with all their kids- its 1/4 lb per person of meat. so do that math first and then divvy it up amongst what kinds of meat (we typically do turkey (smoked and plain), corned beef, pastrami and some bologna for the kids.

the kids like hot dogs way better though. (helpful assvice: if youre doing hotdogs, just assemble dogs and buns and put them on a platter. space saving and they look presentable/nicer that way too)

happy birthday!

I've had lots of "fun" with my install of the new MT. But I don't even know what "publishing over the file tree" means.

I want Mia's hair but I also wound like to be able to pull of Owen's thighs, as well...

No idea about the MT, except normal stuff, like maybe rename the existing index file to something.old and try it.

A lb of turkey usually makes about 8 - 10 good sammies around here. Don't forget some PBJ you know just in case. Oh..if you got to Costco you can get lunchmeat on the cheap and its tasty, fresh, natural and they have those cute little crossaints. Have fun!

What you need to do is go to Costco and for about 30$ (or 36$ in Canada) you can pick up a huge tray with 24 croissant sandwithces on them (with cheese and turkey, ham or Smoked beef all in one platter) no muss, no dicking with making them and they are damn tasty. Just phone ahead to order them. I think it is almost cheaper too.

I would totally give my left arm for Mia's hair!
BTW: My daughter has a boyfriend that looks just like your pretend celebrity boyfriend. And I adore him!

Just walk through a grocery store yelling, "I NEED MEAT, BUT DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH!! MEAT!!!!"

Someone will show up to help you immediately. I guarantee.

I can't remember the last time I bought cold cuts. We don't eat much meat.

But I'm sure the butcher could help.

4 oz. per person is the amount I figure when I cater. 6 pounds, I'd say would be pretty safe. And of course the extra pound for the BOY! He looks like it's his birthday! He's like those kids from soap operas that are born one year and go to college the next. Dang . . .

I'm with OS, the catering rule of thumb on deli trays is 1/4 pound per person, and you will still have left overs.

Happy Birthday to Mia!

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