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No rest for the mommy

We returned from the beach early yesterday afternoon, and I have spent most of the intervening hours trying to process umpteen loads of laundry with a screaming baby planted on my hip. Owen has hand, foot and mouth disease, and oh my, how he cries. He cries and cries and cries, and having Mommy carry him constantly is small comfort but any other arrangement is unacceptable.

The beach was wonderful, we had a great time despite both kids getting sick and averaging roughly two hours of sleep a night. And sure, there were still diapers and bedtimes and a kid who wanted to nurse every 90 minutes, at least until he wanted to nurse not at all, but at least it was the same old grind with ocean breezes and boardwalk fries and sand between our toes.

More later, right now is the first time all day I have been able to put Owen down for longer than two minutes and I intend to devote this small break to the consumption of wine and ice cream.

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Ick - we're all sick here too, (my) Beth had to get the nasty throat swab to check for strep yesterday (negative). My total sympathies!
Just had a thought while remembering your total lack of good sleep lately - have you started Owen on solids yet? He's a day older than Beth, since our ped. mentioned it at the last well-baby I just happened to think - after they get so big (especially Owen, who will undoubtedly soon outweigh my almost-3-year-old!) just breastmilk isn't enough to satisfy, even though you haven't hit the six-month mark yet. Just a little brain fodder ... good luck over the next few days!

Michael had that. It was bad. So sorry hon.

Many sympathies on the hand foot and mouth. It's gone around our house 3 times and it's always miserable. Popsicles helped a little with the older one in my house - they distracted her for a while.

Enjoy the wine and ice cream. Sounds yummy.

My 4-week-old would not be consoled either today for some unknown reason. All Day Long. Even being held in any feasible position was not an acceptable arrangement. Eventually I just had to leave him in the sunroom to cry while I checked the mail to keep myself from walking off a cliff. And when I came back in, he puked on me. Great day. /venting session.

Ouch. But I hear you about the sand and stuff. I bet you're all sea-blown and a little golden, too. That helps. Sick kids are easier to care for when you're hot. ;)

Hand, foot and mouth absolutely sucks. We had it here about 2 months ago. Jello helped even more than popsicles. My guy drank ice water for 2 days solid. Why does it feel like there is sometimes cosmic debt to make up for enjoying yourself for a carefree few days? From one mommy who already had pizza and beer tonight (before nursing to sleep, thankyouverymuch), I hope you enjoyed the wine and ice cream.

I so sympathize, especially since guess what we have at our house, too?

The little guy is finally doing much better, but now mommy has it and I know why he sobbed his eyes out at various times when he was walking, trying to grab something or just eat!

It hurts and I'm in so much pain I just want to cut my feet and the stupid blister/rash off! My hands are blistered and over-sensitive to everything, and my throat - if it isn't mush or soup, I can't swallow it.

The 104 degree fever I had wasn't fun either...

I'm so happy my baby boy is over it, but now I'm having a hard time taking care of him when I'm sick!

My condolences and I hope you have had it already (or at least this strain of it)...

Oh I am so sorry. My 3 year old had it a few months ago and it was AWFUL. I had a heck of a time keeping her away from the baby. The silver linning for us is she stopped sucking her thumb because the sores were so bad. But man was she in pain. It lasted the whole 10 days. If you mix one tbls of childrens benedryl and one tbls of Maalox and have Mia swish it in her mouth and spit it out (it's ok to swallow it will just make her sleepy) it REALLY works. I have no idea if you can squirt it in Owen's mouth or not. It's like a pain reliever. It numbs the mouth. I tried it before I gave it to my daughter because it sounded so weird. After she did it she was actually able to eat.

Enjoy your wine. I totally know what you are going through right now. You deserve the wine.

awww, i hope the kids get better soon! nothing worse than a summer cold.

I smell a genius product idea: Wine Pops, the frozen wine-filled ice-cream confection that can be eaten one-handed with baby on hip.

Poor little guy.

That was the very first illness my first born endured. I'd thought for sure I broke him good he cried so much and so long.

Just say it, Beth. Coxsackie. Cooooxsackie. Cocksackie.

Also - I can tell you wine and ice cream is a disgusting combination. You have to break that shit up into TWO separate indulgences. Good excuse, at least.

Oh, sounds like our last week, except no beach. :( Hope that you are healthy soon and the kids decided sleeping is a great idea. The pediatrician just recommended maalox for us too since LM has it bad -- he's had it before but not like this.

So first off, i read ur comments and everyones saying their infant had hand foot & mouth or their 3 year old....
let me tell you, that just a little over a week ago, i, a usually healthy 27 year old, got hand foot & mouth from the daycare center i was working at.

It sucks people, more then your kids can communicate to you, it sucks!!! I've had strep throat, oh sure that sucked too, but this, was different, blisters in the throat, alternating sides just for some twisted fun, on the hands, making grabbing, clasping/holding things so enjoyably painful and on the feet, oh ya, who needs to walk comfortably?? surely not i!!!

So....just battle it out, theres nothing you can do, but i found keeping cream on my hands and feet helped, moisturizing them and even after when the blisters scabbed into callous type things!! And lots of anything cold to drink, or warm, like maybe warm water with some honey or sugar in it, that helps to soothe, cause i found tea helped.

I wish you luck and it'll be a good 7-10 days before he's feeling like his old self again :( sorry....

wow, hand, foot and mouth is really making the rounds! we had it here too, in nyc - my 3yo, my 6mo, and then me. and as everyone says, once you have it you know why they are so miserable... i too could eat nothing - not even a smoothie for part of the time and then was limited to that, pudding, applesauce and cold soup. today is the first day i've had real food at every meal (i first got sick last saturday). and they say its rare among adults! doesn't seem to be that way, does it?

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