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Owen, Month Five

Sweet Owen,

You are five months old and I am at a loss to explain how another month with you has passed so quickly. Or possibly I am just at a loss to explain anything right now, as you rang in your fifth month by contacting hand, foot and mouth disease and therefore neither of us has slept much these past few days. You are on the mend now, and thank goodness. You are usually such a happy baby that we didn't know quite how to deal with two straight days of inconsolable crying. I think it surprised you a bit too - you would be wailing and screaming and then give me the saddest eyes I have ever seen with just the smallest hint of a smile before starting up again with the scream. It was as if you knew it was unlike you and you wanted to assure me that my sweet and sunny little boy was still there under all the bumps.

You are easily the size of a year old baby. You weigh 20 pounds one ounce (and that was after an 18 hour hunger strike) and are 27.5 inches long. We moved you out of the infant car seat this month and you seem much happier in the car now that your knees aren't jammed up under your chin every time we strap you in. I am trying to make it the rest of the summer in your 12 month clothes since I have already bought you a summer wardrobe in three sizes, but every day the rompers and onesies get harder and harder to button so I am doubting whether we will make it to fall. The 12 month clothes are still plenty wide enough but coming closer by the day to being too short due to the long torso you inherited from me. You may feel free to curse me for that later in life when you find shirts all too short to fit you correctly.

You are no longer content to sit and contemplate the ceiling and like to be entertained. You love to be spun, twirled, swung, thrown, flipped, and danced around the house. You adore the exersaucer we hauled out of storage this month, and being able to stand somewhat independently is the great joy of your life. You are able to roll over but rarely deign doing so important as you already have your sights set quite firmly on walking and view every other mode of transport beneath you. When on your back you like to wedge your feet under you and push your entire back and shoulders off the floor to balance on your feet and head. When you do have a quiet moment, I frequently find you lying on your back with your arm held over your head contemplating the wonder that is your fingers. You are fascinated by your toes and desperate to cram them into your mouth, but your formidable belly gets in the way every time.

We spent much of the past week at the beach with 12 other members of your extended family and you spent the entire time bouncing happily from lap to lap, looking for Mommy only when hungry or tired. You are social, a flirt, an absolute ham, and everyone you meet is immediately wrapped around your fingers. I spent much of our vacation mediating friendly battles about who got to hold you next and sometimes felt I would have to resort to a stopwatch to reassure everyone they were getting equal time.

You worship your sister and I can tell that as soon as you are mobile you will dedicate all of your energy to following her around. The times when she takes a moment to play with you or hug and kiss you are the best of your day and you nearly shake yourself to bits with glee. You also adore your father and your entire face just lights up when he comes home every day. Mia has recently taught you how to hate the stroller and how to whine. Needless to say I am not entirely thrilled about either of those.

Sweet boy, you have made my life so much more complicated since your arrival. I am always exhausted, always behind on things I need to do, always desperate for just a few minutes to myself that never seem to materialize. And I would not trade it for the world. You have brought a lot of challenges, true, but also so much joy that I can no longer imagine how I lived without you. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.


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Owen, baby, you're super cute and I really like you, so I'm going to ask you one favor: Don't walk. Like, for a while. Your mom keeps us entertained damn near every day and if you walk as soon as you're trying to, she's going to have to be institutionalized. And we'd miss her.

Thanks, Mr Lady

You are apparently growing the next Andre the Giant ;-)

Aww this is so sweet!!! :)

So this is how long I haven't been here for? I can't believe he's five months and HUGE! Lets hope his growth slows down a bit soon! And I hope he's feeling better now.

Good lord. What a butter bean that Owen is.

My one boy (20 yo now) was a big'un too. I had to buy 12 month size clothes at 5 months just to fit around him and the diaper.

Good luck with the grocery bill when he gets older.

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