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Owen Wednesday #20: Just Another Day at the Office Edition

I recently pulled Mia's old exersaucer out of the basement and scrubbed all the old baby puke off of it and turned it over to Owen. And man, second only to lactation that is clearly the best thing I have ever done for him. He works his way through the toys like a high-powered executive muscling through his to-do list and occasionally barking at a secretary who is too slow at wiping the pools of drool off of his chin. Ok, so the comparison breaks down a bit, I admit.


Results from yesterday:

1) True. College. Vodka shots. Just thinking about it still gives me a headache.
2) False. I've never had sex in a car.
3) Yes and no. Here's my tramp stamp:

In case you can't tell from that fabulous picture, it's a birthmark right where a tramp stamp would go. So sure, you may have chosen the "trampy" tat, but I was born that way. This is very visible in person, but barely shows up in photographs. Someone cue the creepy music. And don't get upset that I posted a picture of my ass on the internet - I know it looks like I should have cropped a bit more carefully, but I promise it is a trick of the light. It's low, but not that low.


Finally, Mia wants all of you to have a kick-ass holiday weekend. At least, she would want that if her Mommy allowed her to say things like "kick-ass."

We leave for the beach on Saturday. 2 kids + 1 week at the beach = 6 different kinds of diapers. Lovely.

Comments (13)

Oh my Lord in heav...SHENANIGANS!!

You can't both have and not have a tramp stamp. The birthmark thing is just....that'! No no no!

I refuse [crosses arms, sticks out bottom lip].

You are a tricky, tricky girl! Now I have to go back and look at the choices to see which way I voted, because now I can't remember.

Have a great time on vacation -- hopefully there will be at least a little relaxing involved. And even if there isn't, I bet a week on the beach with Mia would help make up for least a little!

Its so funny, we used to call the exersaucer "the office" for the very same reason! Well, that and the place we lived in was so small, it felt nice to verbally add rooms to it.

Those babies are getting bigger and cuter every day!

Have a great holiday!

See... that's not right. That is not a tramp stamp. And #2 was clearly the "both" option... You have lost your virginity, just not in a car. Unless that's not the way that I voted, and I don't remember... could have been that you drank til you passed out, but not in a bathroom. I did that one!

yay! i was right on the true/false game! i surprise myself with my genius sometimes :) haha j/k.

also? have fun at the beach! even though you are bringing 6 kinds of'll be fun, i'm sure :)

Hey, Mia and Owen look ready to party~!

that girl is the bomb... and those two lucked out on the genetics and parent roulette.
enjoy the beach!

Great pics of Owen! The exersaucer may be the best baby invention ever.

6 different kinds of diapers? yikes. good luck.

Oh, that second picture of Owen? That is so totally a baby Mia face!

The beack & kids... you will find sand in the oddest places. :) Have fun

As long as the diapers aren't for you, you're ahead of the game. :-)

I hope you're enjoying the beach.

LOVE that last pic of Mia. I mean, Owen is a cutie of ultimate proportions, but something about the duotone glasses totally gets me.

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