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Owen Wednesday #22: Owen vs. Rice Cereal Edition

Must remember to duct tape infant's arms to highchair before attempting spoon feeding.

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Love that smile at the end!

His eyes are so *gorgeous*

his fuzzy head! love!

He's gorgeous!

Even covered in cereal he still smiles that smile to melt hearts! He is absolutely adorable!!!

I don't know how you stand it. He is just too cute, I want to eat him up!

But he looks so cute with cereal all over his head.

That's a partial rice and cereal facial. Nice!

(He's too cute!)

Well, as long as he doesn't mind wearing some food (and it appears that he doesn't), what's the big deal?

What a happy baby!

LOL. That brings back memories. The left arm is for keeping the hands down, the right for the spoon. :)

No worries, it looks like he is having a blast :)

It doesn't look like he is suffering. Love his smile.

Still happy as ever, even when battling rice cereal...

always adorable!

even with cereal swatted on his forehead he's precious. love that fuzzy hair!

hope mia isn't too sick and all goes well at the HP, today, too!


He's in a high chair and eating rice cereal!

We're planning to do the same with Lisa this Saturday. They grow so quickly!

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