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Owen Wednesday #23: Second Child Edition

Oh, poor me. First I have to use all these pink blankets and towels left over from my sister, then my mom totally forgets to post Owen Wednesday half the time and then she's all "here, kid, have a nice choking hazard to play with while I surf the internet and eat me some chocolate."

Please note that the child was closely supervised at all times. By his father. I was busy surfing the internet and eating me some chocolate.

Comments (23)

Awww he's ADORABLE and he's growing so much!

He is just soaked in drool isn't he! I like how he managed to get a single drop of it on his forehead via the balloon ribbons.
That brings back so many memories. I miss my babies, all wet under the neck and their pudgy arms and legs.

Forget about the pink stuff and choking hazards--what about the huge, gorgeous professional "family" portrait in the background?!

I see therapy in Owen's future.

(And my second's, of course, but this is your blog and therefore about YOU and YOUR CHILDREN'S mental health.)

or shall we look to your sidebar where you have chris and a miabean...but NO owen ;)

He is just luscious. Seriously.

Inflated balloons are choking hazards?

He is such a sturdy little man. You make good babies, mama. :)

Oh he is just delicious. I love the drool drop on his forehead!

Wait when did he get so BLOND??

I just want to touch his fluffy hair! He is such a luv!

ok, can he GET ANY CUTER????? omg i just want to squish him and hug him and make him smile :) he's so dang precious and has the cutest face & will be the biggest lady killer with those eyes!!!

he is so adorable. chocolates and the internet in one sitting - my you are a lucky girl.

I hear your pain Owen. Seconds have to be twice as adorable to get half the attention, but you're doing a very good job of that young man!

Oh my goodness! What a handsome boy he is! You and Chris sure have some great kids!

That hair is so adorable! And I so want to bite his sausage legs!!

I'll never understand how that much drool doesn't drive a kid insane.

that boy is huge ;) but, he makes huge look completely adorable!

OMG: The Legs. I LOVE the legs on that little man, too too cute!

Gosh that kid is growing fast! Seems like just yesterday we were waiting on lil Wally to get here!

And OMG.. is his hair turning blonde? Cute kiddo!!

He is just a chunk of love isn't he? The choking hazard does make a cute picture though....

He looks a lot like a chubbier version of Mia in these pictures. Need I say that implies he looks adorable!

I don't think he could be more beautiful.

He looks horribly neglected :)

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