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Mia had a blast (I was a little afraid she would be overwhelmed and hide in her room), the weather was perfect, the kids were fabulous, and we only had one injury and as far as I know only one meltdown. (And sorry, Claudia, but it was a pretty hilarious meltdown.) I even had a good time, although around 8:30 this morning Chris asked me if I was going to be able to stop being a bitch. I said no, but once the party started I felt much better.

We have lucked into a group of friends where Chris and I really like all of the adults and also really like all of their truly amazing children. We tend to be hermits when left to our own devices, so I feel fortunate to be able to surround myself and my children with such good people. I even managed to send about half the guests away bearing bags of meat (four pounds was way too much), and I resisted the urge to put butterfly stickers on the baggies.

Am rambling, will stop. Instead, here's a shot of Mia, blatantly stolen from my friend Laura because I am too lazy to get up and get the camera and switch computers to post one of ours.

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Very cute photo! Glad the party went well.

So glad she (and you, too) had a great time. She is absolutely adorable! I was sure that 4 pounds wouldn't be enough. I go through 1 pound a week, just for me. Guess I'm a big meat eater! Anyways, glad it all turned out!

Haha very cute picture! Glad the party went well!

Glad it went well!

Hey, BTW, I'm looking for recommendations on a video camera. What camera do you guys use and is it easy to get your videos from the camera to your blog? Would you recommend it?

Wow, what a gorgeous daughter you have. I am very glad that the party went well:)

Michael had so, so much fun at the party. Thank you for including us.

What is so hilarious about insisting that you are never going to go to the bathroom again? (as long as your mother keeps acting like "that")

Okay, it WAS pretty funny.

Thank God I straightened my act up so she could pee again.

Happy Birthday to beautiful Mia!!!

Mission Accomplished! :-)

Uhm...Mia looks so *grown up* for 3. Must have something to do with that baby brother scooting around in her shadow!?!

She is gorgeous and hiphiphooray you guys made it to 3.

Glad the party was a success!

Remember the days when all you had to worry about was if you liked a person? Then suddenly we had to think about if we liked their we have to wonder if we can tolerate their children. Rare to like all 3 - kudos for finding a great group.

Happy Birthday Mia! Glad the party was a success.

She looks like she had a great time!! Glad you did also.

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