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What a wonderful day for her! Glad it went well.

A perfect shot of a beautiful princess. Looks like she had a great day.

So cute! Happy birthday, little Mia!

What a beautiful picture!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet princess Mia! Love that she's wearing her princess crown- I still do on my birthdays too.

What an awesome cake, I love butterflies!

You've got the cutest kids, adorable. Flad the party went well!

You've got the cutest kids, adorable. Glad the party went well!

Look at her!
and all those pink rosey cheeks on the girls.
Glad she enjoyed her birthday!

i WANT that cake!

I love those pretty butterflies!

Happy Birthday, Mia!!! (And,Monkey!!! Monkey's birthday was July 28) :)

Absolutely a fabulous action shot of Mia blowing out her candles. She looks so happy. Angelic looking, she reigned supreme as Queen for the Day. Isn't it a sweet relief when all the pomp and circumstance is over for another year? My daughter is 22, but I remember all the parties and the effort it took for everything to be just right. It looks and sounds as if you pulled off the perfect party for Mia this year.

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