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Queen for a day

Chris's summary of Mia's birthday party is here, and as usual he has covered most of the story while I am going to get all wrapped up in some tiny detail, so click on over if you want the overview. (If I were a bigger person, I would not point out how amused I am that Chris said he was "so worried about" the party. I mean yeah, I was worried about the party too, but he was worried that all the kids would drive him insane and I was worried about finding time to complete almost every bit of the preparation on my own while wrangling two kids.)

I've always been a little skeptical of big blow-out parties for little kids, on the grounds that they don't care and the parties are just a way for parents to keep up with the Joneses. And every time I say that, several people pipe up with their lovely and valid reasons for hosting 100 people for a first birthday, and if that rocks your boat then you go for it and I swear I will not get the least bit judgy over it, but it is just totally not my style. So I was a little concerned when I told Mia that she could invite a few friends to her party this year and she gave me a list of 30 children. I got her list down to 12 and then figured oh, what the hell. If it's awful we never have to do it again.

And it wasn't awful. Far from it. The kids were wonderful, they all had fun, and I just kept reminding myself that this party was about the three year olds and refused to do anything that wasn't directly for the benefit of the children. So we hauled the contents of our garage into the backyard, and there was a wading pool and a couple of bubble machines and a sandbox and Mia's new playhouse, and the fish and frogs in our pond and the kids amused themselves. And Mia had a blast, but more than that, there was a moment there when she was sitting in front of her cake (oh, the cake debacle, stay tuned) and everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" and I could tell my little girl felt like the queen of the world. And for that, if for nothing else, it was worth it.

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Sounds like a fabulous birthday party. All the preparations and stress and everything just seems to be worth it when you see your little one having the time of their life, doesn't it?

Isn't it all worth it just to have her feel so special!! Thanks for including us in her party, virtually. :-)

Isn't it all worth it just to have her feel so special!! Thanks for including us in her party, virtually. :-)

Um, dude? She IS the Queen of the World, and I have to say that she's MUCH cuter than that other poser trying to trump her over there across the pond.

I love a big birthday party bash for my kiddo but it has nothing to do with keeping up or anything. It is just fun - fun for me to plan, my son loves it (and if he did not I would NOT do it!) and as you said the look on his face is just SO so priceless!

We gave up on home parties. Our house it too small. We go to the mall or something like that and just go to build a bear or something with a few friends. Not worth the hassle. Really it's not.


Totally agree with you on the whole mega blowout for 1 year olds. We had a pretty small affair for the Mini, and I can see your concern even at three, but at least at three they understand more and are able to be cohesive about the fact that the party is for them. One year olds won't remember. But there's a good chance she will at three.

Sounds like you had a blast though and that's really all that matters.

Sounds like you had the right idea with emptying your garage for the kids, glad Mia had a wonderful day.

I loved the picture Chris posted of Mia looking like the Queen of the world. She is such a gorgeous child and she looked so happy.

So far we have only done the "family only" party - and I have a fear FEAR of other people's children coming to party at my place. Thankfully The Dictator has a birthday in the summer which means everyone is outside. The Deuce will sadly be a month before christmas. Gah!

I went to a one year old's birthday party on Saturday, and it was family-only plus a few friends (as it should be at that age). There was a moment when we were singing to the birthday girl and she got a big grin on her face and clapped, and I could tell she knew that she was the focus of all of our attention. It was beautiful :)


Does that mean I have to do 2 birthday parties next year?

(And even the grown ups had fun at Mia's party.)

I just have to say, Owen's picture on Chris's site is the cutest fattest lump I think I have ever seen.

I'm now sort of sad that Griffin's 3rd birthday is next month, and even if I were to be brave like you and throw a party, Griffin has no friends who aren't at the very least teenagers, and mostly in their 40s or older. Oh well. He can blame me in therapy when he's older.

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