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Smelly and hairy and poopy, oh my!

Yo, internet! This may be the stupidest use ever of this here ground-breaking communication medium, but what kind of deodorant do y'all use? I thought mine was fine, but as it gets hotter and stickier around here it is proving itself not up to the task.

And since I'm asking personal questions, I'll go ahead and update you on my beard. Really, it was more like overly aggressive sideburns, but whatever. Anyway, you know how about four months after removing a parasite from your body (also known as "the miracle of birth") you suddenly have no hair on your head and piles of hair on your carpets and furniture and in your bed and oy, the shower drain? Well, that took care of the pseudo-beard too. Thought you would be dying to know.

And hey, has anybody out there ever potty trained a kid who was taking Miralax? Cause Mia totally mastered the pee in the potty thing in two hours flat yesterday morning, but the other bit is going to be a challenge, so I'm in the market for tips. (Please note I am in the market for tips that you email to me and I respond and we have a nice little conversation about toddler poop without subjecting the rest of the internet to it, because I have done quite enough of that already, thank you very mucho.)

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Yes, I have. but you don't want tips from me b/c it's not going well.

The new Secret Clinical Strength costs a bit more, but it works great!

Congrats on the lack of beard, and best of luck with the poop thing!

Ban roll-on. Totally old skool.

Yes, and the Miralax never seemed to actually help.
We eventually got a perscription stool softener/mild laxative from the pediatrician (I'll look up the name if you care) and it solved her problems. Now she only uses it about once every six weeks but back in the potty training days it was almost every day.

It was a control issue.

(I know, Claudia? Control issues? Amazing.)

I use Vaseline roll-on. I have tried using the more natural, eco-types but I haven't found anything that works so I'm just going to have to pollute the planet. Sorry planet.

The only deodorant I've found that actually does the job is Dove. And believe me, I've tried 'em all. (Texas summers are not kind. At all.)

I second the Dove. It is wonderful.

I second the Secret Clinical Strength suggestion. That stuff is AWESOME. Or maybe I have Degree Clinical Strength? Hell, I don't know. Clinical strength is the key, is what I'm sayin'.

I use Degree. After baby #2, Secret stopped working for me suddenly.

Potty training w/Miralax wasn't a problem? What issue are you having? The miralax shouldn't make things more urgent or watery, no? Ours was just easier to pass w/Miralax, if that makes any sense.

I am a strong believer in Dove. I like the cucumber scent. Sounds horrid, but not really. I have issues with rashes from deoderant, so that is why I prefer Dove. But that is also an email type conversation rather than a blog comment coversation.

I am pretty cheap. I use good ol' Suave. I was truely amazed at how well it worked (1) while working at a fast food restaurant and (2) while walking up and down the strip in Vegas earlier this month. It is $0.96 and smells great.

Sorry no tips on PTing. My boy was fully trained in 2 days and no issues since. My girl is 3 and still refuses to poo on the potty.

Sure unscented

We just potty trained our 2nd. No miralax though. With both, the success only came after they felt what it was like to poop in the potty once or twice. From then on it wasn't scary or weird and they knew what to do. So, the trick was to time the first couple of poops well. They had both gotten into a pooping cycle of sorts, which was almost always after a meal so after each meal, we just went and sat on the potty until one magically fell in. From then on they wanted to do it.

It was a "breakthrough moment" for both the boy and the girl, where they never had another accident after they pooped successfully once.

i'm glad to hear your beard is gone ;)

i use dove ultimate clear. i LOVE it.

Degree for women - I have used it forever and ever and ever and love it more then anything because it is stink proof.

I found Dove to be ineffective, personally. I use Secret Platinum.

Secret Clinical Strength. It's expensive but the only thing that really works.

"Secret Platinum Antiperspirant Deodorant, Invisible Solid, Vanilla Chai."

It's delightful, works well, and when you DO sweat (and you really have to work at it) you smell deliciously yummy.

I use the industrial stuff because I'm a big time, hyperhydrosis kind of gal: Certain Dri. You can find it at drugstores and I use it just one night a week, before bed.

It has seriously changed my life.

I use Ban Clear Gel Antiperspirant & Deodorant. It doesn't sting after shaving and it works well in the Texas heat.

I opt for the secret clinical strength. works like a charm.

congrats on the loss of the beard and good luck with the potty training. I have zero advice what so ever as my first potty training experience was not a good one.

I use Dove Powder Fresh or whatever it's called, and it's honestly the best I've ever used. I think that's hilarious, because it was the cheapest thing I could find at Bi-Lo!

Whew! You've really got some stuff going on over there.

I can't address kid stuff but I use Degree. I have always been gifted in the art of sweat and it does the best job of any I've tried, outside getting a prescription and that stuff was just nasty.

I switch deodorants all the time, and the switching seems to keep the sweat guessing. My current favorites are degree and secret (both blue and "little black dress approved") and the new dove ones are excellent too.

Sure Max Clinical Power -- totally works better than the Secret Clinical Strength. Shower at night, use it, then use regular Sure in the morning. The Secret stayed sort of wet feeling after applying but the Sure soaks in. Totally rocks in this 100 degree humid southeastern coast of NC weather.

My son is 3.5 and takes Miralax because he likes to withhold his poop. When you learn how to get Mia to poop in the potty, let me know how you did it. I'm still trying to get him to pee! Poop is going to be a whole lot harder (no pun intended). My 2 y.o. daughter is embracing the idea of peeing in the potty, but has only done it once so far.

And I use Secret Platinum. Works like a charm.

Your post caught my eye b/c my girl (just made 3) has been on Miralax since 5 months old. She has totally mastered the tee-tee on the potty, but will not poop on the potty. She seems to have this ability to not feel it coming on and it just sticks to her bottom. I wouldn't be too worried about it, but her daycare is putting the pressure on me. Please pass on any good advice...

Hi there,

I'm testing the deodorant thing in the next few days - moving from Vancouver, BC to Southern California, I am finding myself more.....dewey, you could say. Okay, sweaty.

I read about Secret Clinical Strength...apparently you put it on at night and wake up smelling fresh as a daisy. The thing I haven't been able to wrap my head around is what happens to said freshness when you wash the deodorant off in the morning shower?

I'll be reporting on soon!

Yours in sweatiness,

Suddenly I feel a little SHY about saying! Why?

Anyway, my favorites are Dove and Degree.

I don't have any children, but I'm suddenly confused and frightened by this, nevertheless.

I use Secret unscented.

And HI!!!!! Sorry I have been MIA again, missed you! Happy belated to Mia!

Somewhere between pregnancies and having babies my sweating really ramped itself up and I was really embarrassed about the situation. I asked my doctor for some help. She told me that Lady Mitchum is the strongest deodorant out there (at least women's deodorant). I've also used something called Drysol which you can get behind the pharmacy counter (at least that's how I got it in Canada). It comes in a little bingo dabber time bottle and you don't need a prescription but they didn't put it out in the aisles. It is like turbo strength super ultra -kinda scary- deodorant. It stings like a bitch if you put it on and have any kind of nick from shaving in your pits. But it really really works. I'm not sure if I should be afraid of a deodorant that is that strong. It's meant for people with serious sweating problems and I don't really think that's what you're talking about here, but just in case... If you ever try this stuff I would just use it every couple of days and use regular stuff the rest of the time.

I use a Thai deodorant crystal, just wet it and rub wherever, no scent, it's clear salts and works for OVER 24 HOURS!!! No aluminum in it, either.

I second, third or fourth Secret Clinical and also Certain-Dri - you use it at night and only a few times a week

Deoderant: was Dove for years, but Secret (Asian Pear) does a better job.

Potty training: Everyone in my home knows how to pee in the potty, the problem is that the child simply doesn't WANT to. That's what she says. So I'm pretty useless in the potty department.

I use a deodorant made for men, because that's the only kind I can find that works and still has no aluminum (which I seem to be sensitive to).

I use Secret Clinical Strength- LOVE IT! It stands up in this 100 degree heat.

As far as pooping in the potty, we had Miss A trained super fast by having her clean up any mess she made (she is not on Miralax, but poops 1-2 times a day). YES. The first time she was just scared to poop in the potty so we put the poop into the potty then made her "wash" the dirty panties. She has not had an accident since. At night she is still in Pull-Ups (aka special night-night panties) because she is a sound sleeper and sleeps 12 hours. I have a ton of potty blogs as we just trained her a little over a week ago or email me at

Dove invisible solid original scent. It has no obvious scent and covers whatever "scent" I'm producing.

I'm with the Secret Clinical Strength crowd. Worth every penny. No PT tips... sorry.

Is it the wetness that you're having a problem with, or smell?

Only saw one mention of this, and I concur--it's AMAZING. Certain Dri (pretty sure they have it at Target, but certainly at a regular drugstore) keeps you from sweating out the armpits of your shirts. It just totally dries you up! Like Sahara Desert dry! And it's true about using it once a week. When you first start, you should go for every other day, and then you just don't need it as much.

But. Be aware: for me, it actually makes me STINK when it's on my skin! I only apply at night, and then in the morning I shower and apply my regular deodorant/antiperspirant (Mitchum gels for me).

I use Dove Invisible Solid, and it's working pretty well.

The key for us on Miralax is to give it at night at the same time each night and then sit on the pot for 5 minutes whether MM needs to or not.

I don't use deodrant, havn't for years.
People don't flee screaming from the bus/shop/lift when I get on/in either.

I wash daily. And live in the uk with less extremes of temparature, to be fair.

It's not sweat that smells it's dried sweat - the bacteria in/on it to be precise. So deodrant just puts another smell on top and antiperspirant just blocks your pours and stops your body working properly.

Not everyone's choice I know, but your body really does balance after a while.

Or you stop noticing your own stink and noone else tells you, not quite sure...

I use the same deodorant as my husband - Speed Stick. Simplifies shopping, plus I found that most "women's" deodorants didn't do the job for me. The Speed Stick is awesome.

My boy is just one, so I have no words of wisdom re: potty training - except that we've started him on it and he'll poop in the kid potty, but not pee so far. Go figure.

Second Mamacrow, but I live in good ole FLA - umm, yeah, it's hot. If I'm having an off day, I use a little (just a very little - too much will give you a rash) baking soda. Works like a charm.

Second Mamacrow, but I live in good ole FLA - umm, yeah, it's hot. If I'm having an off day, I use a little (just a very little - too much will give you a rash) baking soda. Works like a charm.

Second Mamacrow, but I live in good ole FLA - umm, yeah, it's hot. If I'm having an off day, I use a little (just a very little - too much will give you a rash) baking soda. Works like a charm.

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