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Third times the charm

For years I have heard these rumors about kids who get sick and fall asleep on the floor in the middle of the afternoon and sleep straight through until morning. And oh, how I have laughed, because even the sickest she has ever been it takes an act of Congress to get Mia to sleep at night and all sorts of elaborate voodoo dances to keep her asleep until a reasonable hour of the morning.

Which is why yesterday, when Mia climbed onto my lap on the couch and fell asleep at 4:30, I seriously considered rushing her to the Emergency Room. Instead, I tucked her into bed, and other than an hour or so around 3 AM that's where she stayed until 7:00 this morning. And then today she told me she was tired and asked if she could please go take a nap. Needless to say we are headed back to the Hotty Pediatrician this afternoon.

Owen is finally on the mend, but smart money is on another trip to the doctor for him by Friday. And you may think this is a good thing for me in that I get to spend all this quality time with the Hotty Pediatrician, but how can he miss me if I won't go away?

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I think we should start a contest and all take pictures of our hotty pediatricians and then compare and vote on the hottest. Ya think. :)

Besides that, I hope Mia feels better soon, even though I betting you're loving her sleeping all the time.

Awww poor babies. I hope they are better soon.

P.S. You're site refuses to remember me. :-(

It's still a myth and I don't appreciate you continuing to spread it!

I have three children, a 4 y/o and two 2 y/o and this hasn't happened.

Hope they feel better soon. Sick kids are less fun. Except for the sleeping. And cuddling. Mine get cuddly. That's how I know the girl is getting ready to barf. It took a couple lapfuls... but I catch on eventually.

Got to keep those hotties on their toes. He'll miss you soon enough.

Good luck!

Aw naps like that are too good to be true.

Even with getting to see Hotty, I hope you are feeling well.

I hope that the kids get better soon. It's a Catch-22 ... you appreciate the quiet afternoons when they sleep all day but you worry for their health. Bah. Good luck.

That kind of sleep always makes me so nervous. I wish my kids would sleep like that when they are healthy - now that would be awesome.

See this is a good are building up the familiarity and then when you have a good long stretch of healthy when Owen is around 2 he'll really miss you.

Wow, extended voluntary napping. Hope Mia's feeling better soon.

Poor babies!

Poor babies! I hope they feel better soon.

You ARE persistent.

I'm curious... does your Pediatrician say something that mine doesn't? There's no medicine for kids with colds anymore, so unless their throat is red or we can't break a fever with motrin, we don't even go anymore.

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