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Hey, thanks to everybody who chimed in yesterday to list all the additional ways in which I am failing my second child. That was special.

(Oh calm yourselves, I'm kidding. You guys are funny.)

Speaking of the second child, he is such a stinker. First he pulled the "ha ha, you thought you had gotten a good sleeper, but I have decided to never close my eyes again, take that!" trick, and then last night, he chowed an entire bowl of oatmeal made with water. I know! The nerve! Here I've been killing myself to pump really pitiful amounts of milk every day to mix with his cereal so that my precious offspring could continue to enjoy the benefits of mother's milk while learning to swallow solid foods, and he has been all whatever about it. But when I run out of milk and have to just go for the water, apologizing profusely all the while, he's all "bring it on, boob lady!" He did the same thing with rice cereal today. What a stinker.

And also, man what a relief. I am a lousy pumper, just don't respond well to it and it only gets the low-hanging fruit,so to speak, so if I do it first thing in the morning after he hasn't eaten much the night before I get 20 ounces in three minutes, but any other time I sit there for half an hour and get half an ounce. It blows, I hate it, and I suppose I shouldn't complain about having to do it less just because my kid is such a stinker.

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Seeing 'stinker', I braced myself for poop stories, and instead found the boob. You are wily.

wait...isn't that a good thing? ;)


it sucks

20 oz in 3 min? Good Lord woman! I don't think I ever got that much even if they hadn't eaten all night! You must have an electric pump?

20 ounces??? Seriously?? How much cereal is that kid eating???

I totally did the pumping milk for cereal thing, but only i did it until my kid was 9 MONTHS OLD! It gradually dwindled to less and less milk at cereal time with me pumping with the electric pump and trying at the same time to squeeze out a few more drops, so my precious wouldn't have to use water. Yeah, my next kiddo will get some water in the old cereal, and I won't be sorry for it. It's so funny to hear about this from someone else, though!

Personally I'm just really amused by the phrase "low hanging fruit" in this context ;) Best of luck getting that one to sleep!

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