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And that's when he flipped me the bird

At dinner, last night...

Mia: Daddy, did you eat all of your sauce?
Chris: Yes.
Mia: Daddy, did you eat all your noodles?
Chris: Yes.
Mia: Daddy, let me see your big tummy.
Chris: Ok.
Mia: I'm going to call you Mr. Big Tummy.
Chris: Great.
Mia: I'm going to hug and kiss Mr. Big Tummy.
Chris: At least it's better than "Old Guy."
Me: Not really. You can't do anything about old.

(Chris asked me to add that this post did not make him seem hot, and he is totally hot. Then he told me he was hot like a tranny. Then he mentioned that at least it was better than her asking to kiss the man boobs. Yup, that's one hot husband I have there.)

(Chris really is hot.)

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Lol! That sure is making me start the day with a chuckle!

Hot like a tranny indeed.

I'm so proud of myself right now. Did I really say I was hot like a tranny? Sometimes I amaze myself.

Hot like a tranny or hot tranny mess?

Either way.

Huh. And Mr. Big Tummy... Wow. If my 3 year old said that, I'm sure my husband would be on his way to figuring out manorexia.

Thats hilarious. I knew I was missing something by not reading your blog for a while.

Chris is MAJOR HOTT (you left out a T!)

Chris is MAJOR HOTT (you left out a T!)

LOL! I love posts like this!

I have no idea if Mr. Big Tummy is HOTT (see, both 'Ts'). Unless he has been in Texas this week. That makes everyone hott. Trust me.

So, I just became a 'friend' on GoodReads with a transvestite with man-boobs.


I've always been curious about what they read.

Too funny.

I chuckled my whole way through. For so, so, so many reasons. Not the least of which being I have had so many similar conversations at my house. Nope, not at all.

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