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Be advised

If posting here suddenly becomes (even more) sporadic, or I disappear entirely for a time, I assure you that it is not because some tragedy has befallen me or because I have thrown in the towel. No, it is more likely due to this. You see that stuff under Owen's (massive) belly?

Wait, here's a better angle.

You see it now? That pile of... of... air? Yeah, he's about 4 minutes away from learning to crawl.

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Go O! Unbelievable! Is your house ready for another mobile body? My youngest is now five months old and I've been thinking I have all kinds of time before mobility, but who knows? She may not have gotten the memo that her sisters crawled at eight months and therefore we will not be ready for her to crawl until November or so. I better step up with the toy reorganization! Good luck in your pursuit of keeping Owen out of trouble!

When Riley was little he didn't crawl until 11 months, and I was all nail-bitey and anxious about it. This time around, I hope Dylan holds out for as long as possible. Stay put, baby, PLEASE.

And there goes being able to put Owen down and knowing he'll still be there when you get back!
He must have strong arms to be able to hold up that buddha belly!!

Time to put on your track shoes. :-) He's too cute.

How do you keep your house so clean?

Good luck---and I mean that honestly and sincerely with empathy- re: Owen's new Mobility Skillz.

life is so much easier before they can scoot around.

Oh goodness. That seems early to me. Then again, Michael never crawled, so what do I know?

Oh man! What a chunk-a-lunk-a-burning-love!
Good luck!!!

Here comes Owen :-)

You are screwed....:) but seriously what a cutie and go owen!! he's growing up way too fast

Good luck with that!

Oh boy! Well, good luck!! (He's sooo cute though!)

oh are IN for it!!!! Boys are SOOOOO different than girls....they just. are.

and he looks like an ornery one! ;)


Look out Beth. There goes your free time with Owen racing around the house.

Life as you know it is soon to be over. Once they are mobile (boys especially) don't count on ever being able to rest again. My condolences. haha

Go, Owen, Go!

Oh God, Owen too! Roo is crawling for over two weeks now. And it drives me INSANE! She is everywhere. Everywhere. At any time.

And - unlike with just one child crawling - I find it impossible to keep the house clean with Monkey running around and playing in the garden and bringing in sand and dirt and other treasures he finds outside.

Good luck with that! :)

omg! someone move that pile of air and hide it quick!

He's a man on a mission!

Uh oh...once they're mobile, it's a WHOLE new ballgame.

Yay! Hey, maybe he'll work so hard on that new mode of transportation that he'll be all tuckered out by bedtime and sleep longer. Here's to wishful thinking!

oh my word, he's like a furry adorable duck. A really really really cute one.

He certainly looks proud. I remember when my youngest started to crawl. I'm not a big believer in playpens, so I spent a lot of time keeping track of him, and I lost about 5 pounds (which wasn't necessary) They wear you out.

But it's so cute!

Quick...go baby proof the house...heehee!!! :-)

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