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Bullshit. And not even good bullshit.

Dear Door to Door Solicitors*,

I admit that I could easily pass for a teenager until I was 28 or so, but that is no longer the case. I now have gray hair and wrinkles and usually a semi-naked child attached to my hip, so asking if my mom is home really just pisses me off because it proves from the get-go that you are full of shit. Just a tip.


(As an aside, a fireman totally got flirty with me in the grocery store this morning, and I was way too busy trying to figure out which child was going to pee on me first to care. How did it come to this?)

*Solicitors, in this case, means salesmen, not prostitutes. I rarely get door to door prostitutes anymore.

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Oh, how I long for the good old days when a prostitute would knock on the door *exactly* when you needed one.

Haha oh dear! Do you still get carded?! Here the legal age is 19 and I haven't been carded, since, well, ever - not even on my 19th birthday.

I think, even if a prostitute did show up at my door, I would pay her for an hour and have her do my laundry.

Never a prostitute around when you need one. I hear they can babysit in a pinch. My dad was a public defender and got called out one Sunday while my mom was at work. His client managed a house of ill repute...he loved to tell the story about the time Nina Mae and her ladies passed me around and bounced me on their scantily clad knees while he dealt with the police who were raiding the establishment. For some reason, my mom never saw the humor in that story.

Too funny.

I think it's clear that the real meat of this post is the genius "door-to-door prostitute" business idea.

I would have to say that the door to door salesmen are one of my biggest pet peeves. Followed second by my children distracting me when a hot firefighter walks by. I feel your pain.
You are too funny ;)

Ya, but I like your feet from some picture of you sitting in the kitchen and I bet Chris still thinks you are hot. Hey, I'd hit on you in the grocery store.


Hey wait! I'm a solicitor and I am neither a salesman nor a prostitute! Does that mean I can come round?

Poor fireman is losing his touch.

@Michelle: LOL That is a great story.

Door to door prostitutes. Your country is so liberal;)

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