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Day in the life

Beth: Babe, do you want orange juice or grape juice?
Mia: Orange juice!
Beth: Orange juice?
Mia: Orange juice!
Beth: Not grape juice?
Mia: No, orange juice! I hate grape juice.
Beth: Ok, here's your orange juice.
Mia: WAAAAAAAA! I want grape juice!

Beth: Watermelon or grapes?
Mia: (Contemplates meaning of life.)
Beth: Watermelon or grapes?
Mia: (Begins removing clothes.)
Beth: Watermelon or grapes?
Mia: (Wanders off to find her tea set.)
Beth: Mia! Watermelon or grapes?
Mia: Grapes!
Beth: Grapes?
Mia: Grapes!
Beth: Not watermelon?
Mia: I hate watermelon!
Beth: You love watermelon.
Mia: I hate watermelon!
Beth: Grapes it is then.
Mia: (Accosts her brother, just to pass the time.)
Beth: (Serves grapes.)
Mia: WAAAAAAAAAAA! I want watermelon!
Beth: Fine, a big piece or little pieces?
Mia: Big piece!
Beth: To bite?
Mia: Yes!
Beth: Not to eat with a fork?
Mia: No!
Beth: Ok, a big piece of watermelon coming right up.
Mia: (Blows spit bubbles.)
Beth: (Serves watermelon.)
Mia: WAAAAAA! I want it cut!
Beth: (Bangs head against refrigerator. Repeatedly. Hard.)

Some days, I dread the arrival of September, because WAAAAAA! My BABY! Is going to PRESCHOOL! And I am NOT PREPARED! Other days, I think hey, seven hours a week without a petulant three year old riding my ass? Bring it on!

Meanwhile, Owen cut two teeth this weekend. WAAAAAA! My BABY!

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My son has 2 teeth now too, and in the space of a week he went from looking like a baby to looking more like a little boy, if that is possible at 6 months. It is cute but it makes me sad at the same time!

I spent Saturday afternoon with a three year old who has JUST hit the "Why?" stage. He would even ask why to things that HE told ME. Kid says, "Oh, the movie ended!" I say, "Yes it did." Kid says, "Whyyyyyyyy?" I say, "Because it was over." Kid says, "Whyyyyy?" (Repeat 43 times.)

Beware of three year olds. But gosh, they are so funny!

Very funny. Sounds like every conversation I have with my 3 year old daughter about everything.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I thought it was just us. Heeeeee hee he he he heeee.

And Owen? Please FedEx him up here immediately.

Aren't three year old's cute? They are even better at four.

And oh my! There is nothing sweeter than a chubby baby with just a tooth or two. I can't wait for more pics!


Oh yeah? Declan started 1st grade today. I'm all half THANK GOG and half OH MY GOD.

This same interaction happened when I was a child... except the orange juice landed over my head (the entire pitcher I might add).

Good job on keeping your cool and patience!

And I thought it was just me and my 3 year old that had those interactions. Ours even include the part about accosting the little brother...

You just transcribed 90% of my conversations with my daughter. We missed the preschool cutoff here in MN (must be 3 before 9/1, Kate's bday is 12/1) so I have another year until I can have that option...

I think we are done with the screaming/indecision part (THANK GOD). I once taped a sandwich back together because of a screaming fit that ensued after I cut it. However, the sibling tackling/spit bubble/naked issues are still with us -- but that's so much better than the tantrums.

I see your problem - you are offering choices. You have to be a mean, nasty mom like me and say "here are grapes - if you don't want them, don't eat them." Heh.

i'm pretty sure that's WHY they invented preschool ;)

I'm surprised you haven't been reduced to a quivering ball in the corner :P Oy!

Hi, Beth. Dad of 4 here. Mine are 14-20 now, which of course brings on a whole set of different issues! But back when they were little, as Michelle referred to above, I cut out the choices. "Hungry? Here's some grapes. No? Fine." haha!

My word, you have an incredible amount of patience. My head would have been through the refrigerator at that point!

I am telling you they finally know what they want by 6 years old, only to then know that they are annoying you when they change their minds. You are so patient, I would have put the juice & food I wanted to serve & been done.

hehe, I have to laugh because this is so my life right now. I wish you much luck. I'm wondering about the sanity of the person who once told me that giving choices empowers a kid to make decisions. I think it only empowers my kid to drive me crazy.

I have to agree, don't offer choices or if you do you get what you pick. They will eat/drink when they are hungry.

I guess another bright side to Mia's going to school is that you will have some one-on-one time with Owen.

So with you on that one.

I hate how they do that, especially after you pour it! lol Preschool is always hard! I hope its not too painful when she leaves!

I'm dying! Those scenes are straight out of my house on any given day.

There's just no pleasing you, is there?

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