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Results of my highly scientific poll reveal that exactly half of your kids slept through the night by the time they were six months old. So I suppose I will not firebomb my pediatrician's office for distributing highly inaccurate information, but I will definitely harbor a grudge, because the other 50% of us should not be made to feel like ineffective parents just because our kids are in the half that aren't sleeping through the night by six months.

And I purposely didn't define "sleeping through the night," because if you think your kid is sleeping through the night then that is reality. Four hours? Six? Twelve? If it makes you happy, it counts. For example, last night, Owen slept from 8-2 in his crib, then ate and went straight back to sleep and then I think ate again around 4:00 or so, but I'm not sure. I consider that sleeping through the night, because a) I got an entire evening to myself, b) I didn't have to be awake more than five minutes or so overnight, and c) any waking I don't remember doesn't count. Your mileage may vary.

Now, nobody won the name the play dough animal contest from yesterday. Sure, you did pretty well with the giraffe, elephant, snake, gorilla (Mia contributed the head on that one), octopus, and bunny, but nobody figured out that #2 was a lion. I mean really, people, that is obviously a lion. Yeah yeah, it looks much more like a triceratops, but it was supposed to be a lion.

Finally, do you put your kids in pajamas for naps? I don't, because dude, most days it is all I can do to get them into their beds with clean-ish diapers and faces, but I understand that some people do, so I am wondering whether I am missing some major parenting boat here.

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I'd consider it sleeping through the night too.
And no, I never put my kids in pj's for naps. PJ's are for night time. I try to keep very simple rituals/habits for the kids and me. That way I have less chance of looking like an idiot and they know exactly what to expect.

I thought it was a triceratops too! Would've never guessed a lion although now it's like, "Of COURSE."

And I don't have kids but none of the moms I know (my family members, primarily) put their kids in PJs for naps. It seems like unnecessary extra work and potentially confusing for the kid.

I don't put my kids in pjs for naps. Sometimes my older son (5) will take his pants off cause he wants to be "comfy". I like to support his decision making, so I let him.

No PJs for naps. Hopefully a clean diaper (unless he fell asleep while nursing then he's outta luck)and some food in his belly. In general I'm not a big believer in changing his clothes more than necessary during the day.

My kids often go to bed at night in the shirts they wore that day. How's that for bad parenting?

No way. That's more laundry, right?

For real? There are people who put their kids in pajamas for NAPS? Because they want to dress ad undress their kids FIVE times a day? wtf?

No, I don't put my kid in 'jammies for naps. Clean diaper before and after, but no change of clothes.

Oh, wait.... there are some days she stays in her 'jammies all day, so technically, she's in pajamas for her nap.

The only thing is that I kind of felt the categories were too broad. Because the difference between sleeping through the night at 6 months versus sleeping through the night at 9.9 months (my daughter) is EXCRUCIATINGLY DIFFERENT. In my opinion, that is. But I selected the 6-9 mos. category anyway. I'd be more interested to see a poll where we have to select the exact month. But then, I'd also want to know the exact month they slept 8 to 10 hours through because that's "my" idea of sleeping through the night. I know, PICKY PICKY. It was still interesting to hear the results.

PJs for naps? Ha! One of the benefits of kids and kids' clothing is that for the first couple of years it's nearly impossible for me (a dad) to tell the difference between sleepwear and daytime clothes. So not only do they not get put into pjs for their naps, sometimes they don't get out of the pjs from the night before when they get up in the morning! We're taking advantage of our opportunities where possible. Note: My wife might well have a different opinion on this... no, she *certainly* would!

I do the 'palm to chest test' before naps. If my 6 month old's outfit is so drenched with drool, vomit, pureed spinach, sweat or what have you - that his chest feels soaky wet to the touch, I change him. Not into "jammies" necessarily, just some other soft baby duds. Wait, don't all 6 month old outfits kind of look like jammies? I agree with pvz - i dont know the difference between infant daywear and nightwear. Am I just fashionally challenged? If its dry enough that I dont feel like a horrible mother, I just leave him as is. Or if its soaky wet but I am lazy, i strip him to a diaper and put him on down to nappytown.

Pajamas for naps? No way. In fact, there are some nights that PJs don't get put on for bed at all. Less laundry for me I say.

Heck if her diaper is changed for the nap I feel pretty proud. PJs? Really? Pfft. More laundry.

Lion..of course- Now I see it! I find it funny that so many of us thought triceratops.

Damn! I knew I should have chimmed in yesterday, I knew that was a lion, I thought dinasour at first then I decided no these are all zoo animals and thought "Oh then that would be a lion!" but then I didn't comment because i figured I was wrong =o\
No pj's for nap time, I am lucky if I can get her to wear anything at nap time, she usually strips down and as she say's "sleeps in her legs". Of course after nap she puts back on the same clothes she wore earlier in the day because I have enough laundry to do thank you.

PJ's for naps? Seriously? If my kids are actually dressed for the day when time nap time rolls around I consider myself lucky..also, a lot of nights, they sleep in their clothes (at least the shirt) from that day. Why on gods green earth would you want to change your kid 3 plus times a day. Its bad enough when they require a new outfit because of rogue lunch items and faulty sippy cups!!

I never changed my kids into pajamas for naps, unless you count those early baby months during which all of their clothes were sort of interchangeable (onesies or footie sleepers are so versitile!) Now I'm lucky if I can convince Hoss to put on pajamas when he goes to bed at night. If given the choice, he might wear the same clothing for 48 hours straight.

The only time my kids have pajamas on at nap time is when Amelia refuses to wear clothes. There are many days in our house where I find her putting clean jammies on 15 minutes after she has gotten dressed for the day. *sigh* mostly I just try and go with it. Gotta pick teh battles right? I keep telling myself that anyway....

what is this nap of which you speak?

Heck no! Who needs to add another chore to the process by changing clothes? I used to be a nanny, though, and one of the kids went through a phase where she wanted to wear her pjs. It especially annoyed me when I'd thought she'd forgotten about it, we'd go through the whole naptimes routine, I'd leave the room and then she'd want them on! I finally just started automatically asking if she wanted them on to avoid the annoyance.

No way, takes too much time. We get a fresh diaper, a book, and then it's time for sleeping.

Elliot naps in whatever he's in, unless it's one of his fancier outfits and then I'll take off his shorts at least. Or if it's sweltering outside and our A/C has to really struggle to keep it cool. Then it's diaper only.

Sometimes on weekends we leave Owen's jammies on until after his first nap, but that's about the closest we've come. I do enough laundry.

As for the sleeping thing: why is it that so many people ask you about how your child sleeps? Is it because they want you to suffer as they did? Or gloat about their own children? As if the look on my face and circles around my eyes were not telling enough that my child DID NOT SLEEP, people had to ask. I was close to losing it on a few people, then I just started lying and saying that he was a champion sleeper. No one cares that my kid was a terrible sleeper and telling a whole bunch of people didn't help the situation so lying became my form of entertainment/therapy while I suffered privately. In retrospect, I think he was a lazy nurser, never actually ate enough to satisfy himself but used me as a pacifier, and had I pumped a lot and just bottle fed, he would have been full, DH could have helped more, and my quality of life would have been improved significantly. Live and learn. Should I be so insane as to do this again, I am sure child #2 will be a champion nurser/sleeper. I deserve that, right?

i do not change lola's clothes before her naps. but she's always wearing something pretty comfortable. isn't that one of the luxuries of being a baby? that you get to just wear comfortable clothes all the time? i like to think so...

Really? I didn't know people actually changed their kids into pajamas for naptime. That just seems like a big waste of time. If my kids are wearing something that seems like it would be uncomfortable napping in it, I'll take it off of them, but that's as far as I'll go.

WHAT? Kids in Pajamas for naps? That's crazy! I can barely get Jordan in pajamas at night. My grandmother though insists on taking his pants off for when he takes a nap, don't ask me what that's about. I guess she thinks it makes him more comfortable. Hmm.

I think Owen and Jacob are on the exact same sleeping schedule, your night sounds just like mine. I don't know what's up with the shorter stretches in the AM hours, but if I try to trick him with the Soothie he just gets pissed, so nursing it is. Anything I can do while 75% asleep is a good thing. He is not a fan of wardrobe changes, so we do those only when necessary.

Do you put on YOUR PJs if YOU take a nap (leaving aside the fact that a nap may not be possible)? If no, then no PJs for the kiddos makes sense to me.

And okay, it was a lion. But it really looked like a Zebra wearing an Easter bonnet to me.

Nope, no jammies for the naps... my daughter ASKS for jammies, but we stand firm. I do enough laundry as it is, and I KNOW she'd demand DIFFERENT jammies at bedtime. Bossy child.

Nope, no jammies for the naps... my daughter ASKS for jammies, but we stand firm. I do enough laundry as it is, and I KNOW she'd demand DIFFERENT jammies at bedtime. Bossy child.

Nope, no jammies for the naps... my daughter ASKS for jammies, but we stand firm. I do enough laundry as it is, and I KNOW she'd demand DIFFERENT jammies at bedtime. Bossy child.

No jammies for naps here either. I generally try ot make them as comfortable as possible by removing shoes.. sometimes pants or heavy clothing like overalls.

When he was still little and napping 1.5-2 hours after he woke up, I'd keep him in his jammies until after his nap, but now? No. I will put sweats on him if he's wearing shorts, because it does get a little cold in his room and he kicks covers off. But I keep one pair for the week so that I'm not doing laundry more than I need to. Since I take his pants off for diaper changes (he hates having his pants around his ankles for some reason, haha) so it's not like this is extra work for me.

My kiddo doesn't wear pajamas AT ALL, which is so disappointing! I love kid pajamas with a passion. He just gets way too hot, and since we all end up sleeping together anyway, I know he is warm enough. Most of the time he sleeps in his diaper - or a onesie - and yes, often it's the shirt or onesie he wore during the day. (Not if it's really dirty, though - I have SOME principles.)

So no pajamas for naps. I do take off his pants, thought, because that's what I do for myself. Pants and sleeping is just not comfy, unless they're pajama pants, right?

Since my daughter has potty trained I can't keep any clothes on her, so I'm happy with undies for naptime. Before the nakedness, she napped in her clothes or in last nights jammies if they were still on.

Yeah, I put my kids in pajamas to nap. Fancy ones. Then while they sleep for their first 3 hour nap of the day, I go out to my rose gaden and clip some fresh flowers to put on their nightstands. That way, when they wake and rub the sleep from their cherubic little eyes, the aroma of the room will match the crisp, white cleaniless of it all.

I'm kidding, of course. Dude, you clean their FACES before they sleep??

Pajamas for naps? No way, that's crazy talk. If my daughter is ready for a nap, she's going down for a nap before she changes her mind. I don't care if she's wearing her confirmation dress.

ha ha yeah no to jammies at nap time.

Heck no I didn't put them in their PJ's for naps! Who has time for that? I was more concerned with moving them from my arms to the bed without waking them up. Putting them in their PJ's would have made it too complicated.

PJ's for naps? Sometimes, my little one ends up spending the whole weekend in the jammies he goes to bed in on Friday night. Because real clothes don't come with the cape (Superman jammies) and I figure if they haven't gotten dirty? Why not? That is seriously on the small stuff list. I always think about that scene in Hook where Jack is about to smash his father's watch and he says "This is for never letting my blow bubbles in my chocolate milk!" when I'm wondering about whether something really really matters or not.

No way. I don't even take off their shoes.

My kids are 3.5 and almost 2.5 and they rarely ever nap anymore, maybe only a few times a month. When they do, I don't put pajamas on them. You're not missing any parenting boat, my dear. You're surviving.

No Pjs for naps here. Some nights, no pjs for bedtime. If she goes to sleep in her day clothes, that's what she stays in!

people put their kids in pjs for naps?! you are KIDDING ME!!!

Pajamas for naps? I take their socks & pants off, and that's about it.

Next poll subject.. how often do you bath your children? :)

They go through 2-4 outfits a day anyway, there's no way I'd change clothes for a nap.

jammies? at nap time? seriously? people actually do that? I've never ever heard of that...that's just pain crazy talk!!!

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