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Grosser than gross

People, what follows is disgusting. I am telling you now so that if you are not in the mood for something disgusting or know you are sensitive to things of a disgusting nature, you can click away now and save yourself from the nastiness. Also, so that you will not continue reading this post and then come to the end, fully disgusted, and chastise me for grossing you out. You have been well and fully warned, and I don't want to hear it.

Still here? Are you sure? Ok then.

Owen has a lovely habit of getting a mouthful of food and then getting too distracted by either the joy or injustice of life to bother swallowing it. Which leads, as it did at lunch today, to a charming and adorable baby with a mouthful of avocado drool. And hey, if I have to look at it, so do you.

Nasty, yes?

Moving on, since you all have to listen to me bitch about my hands, I figured you may as well see what I'm bitching about. My hands, let me show you them.

Left hand, not too bad, even wearing my wedding ring lately, which I was unable to do for months.

Right hand, much nastier, but only about a four out of ten at the moment.

There now, don't you feel sorry for me? Don't you feel the sudden urge to send me copious amounts of wine? And brownies? Yes, yes you do.

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Oh, your poor hands!


I've had chronic dermatitis since I was 6. It looks very similar to yours, but I've never had it on the top of my hands, just on the actual fingers. I've tried EVERYTHING... even topical meds that aren't sold in this country. They help, but I still have it. It flares most when I'm stressed.

All that to say, I can truly "feel your pain." And I hate it for you! I hope you find something that treats it soon.

And I think that avacado drool is incredibly becoming for Owen! He's cute no matter what he's covered in!

Owen is still absolutely adorable, even with avocado drool.

Wow, your hands look so painful. Have they determined what it is? I have a friend that has an allergy to something in both Bath and Body Works and diapers and it causes something similar. She gets steroid shots to help. Man that just makes my hands hurt looking at your hands.

Whoo your hands look like mine did before I started taking some nice drugs. The name of the stuff the doctor put me on was called Atarax (?) in Canada and was actually an antihistamine that did a fantastic job of making me sleep through the night. It also has an anit-anxiety side effect to it - so if the dermatitis was caused by stress it would slowly clear up. Mine sadly was caused by chemicals at work but the drug still worked wonders and cleared up what had migrated to my legs over the years.

The drug was OK to use while I was breastfeeding too. Now I only have the odd flare up in the winter (and I am off the drug) which is solved by a day of lotion and spa gloves on.

My hands are throbbing in sympathy. I'm feeling your pain. I get a stress rash thing all over my body occasionally.

Even showing us his food, Owen is adorable.

Have a great weekend.

HAHAHA he looks so HAPPY to be showing off his avocado. It's hysterical. And your hands - OW. Dude, that sucks ass.

i'm dealing with eczema too. my doc says it just comes with the job (at home mom)... prescription strength cortisone is the only thing that works for me. i know it's a slippery slope but i couldn't wear my wedding ring for six months after my son was born and it was affecting my golf game. after my daughter came along i only breastfed for eight months so i could get the good drugs again.

and i never could get my kids to like avocado.

Though your hands do not look picture-perfect, you are a very, very pretty lady. I would take your skin on your hands over my skin on my face (and other areas) any day!

Massive hugs.

That wasn't gross! You want gross? I can give you gross!

Well, I'm sure you are totally fed up with quacky advice, but my (weird?) cure-all is honey. It has *fixed* my face issues. I have seen it reduce redness and inflammation on other rashes. Spread some on, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Sweet baby, by the way! Even when he is oozing slime.

I totally had that for like 4 years....but it only came and went to various degrees in the same exact spots on my hands...I know your itchy pain.

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. Those hands sure do look bad! Sending cyber-brownies and wine!

set a date and I will deliver wine and brownies :)

Sending brownies and wine, STAT!

Oh wait ~ I don't have your address.

Sending cyber-brownies and cyber-wine, STAT!

Your child? Slimey, but cute. How he pulls that off is a miracle, but he manages it.

Hope your sweet drugs help ~ and that you never have to deal with the pissy NP again.

Avacado mouth this early in the morning...

I do feel sorry for you. I'll drink a glass of wine for you.

You probably backhand Chris with your right hand, leading to the bruising. Remedy: Give Chris a break. Or juststart kicking him until the back of your hand heals.

Yes, I do feel the need to send brownies and wine stat! How about I drink a glass in your honor tonight?
I have a crazy rash on my bottom lip that keeps happening...hydrogen peroxide has given me some relief. Might be of some help for your hands?

Owen rocks the avocado drool!

If I'd post a picture of Roo while she's eating, looking at her, you'd stick to your screen! She needs a bath after every feeding! Owen is too cute!

I'm sorry about your hands Beth. And I think you're totally awesome for sticking to breastfeeding and not taking real meds. Though it probably feels like it isn't a choice for you, there are plenty of women who would abandon breastfeeding to take care of their own medical issues. Go you!

Not that you need anymore advice, but I'm going to write it anyway. Nivea cream (the basic one) seems to help me with every unexplainable rash or dry skin.

Two in one:

Ouch for the hands! I would send you wine but it's cheaper in the States than it is in Canada so that would be silly! But I give you permission to give your kid one tiny bottle and drink some wine. Unless you can drink wine and feed your kid. I have friends that do (just one glass) and their kids are pretty happy!

Once again, I know nothing, but feeding three times a day seems ridiculous. Seriously.

Have a nice day!

You know, it's 10pm here and I have the WORST craving for brownies, so I saw your title and thought "hmm, maybe that will cure the craving" and so I really expected to be thoroughly grossed out, but for some reason I find baby drool (even GREEN baby drool) kinda cute. And your hands? They did not cure my need for the brownie. Damn it.

your hands!

I know from my own suffering hands and feet, that there is really not a lot you can do for whatever that stuff is. I have had it all my life that I can remember. Shown it to many doctors, and they can't seem to do much about it. It is always worse in the summer. I understand how you feel.

the photos of your hands made me itch, but the avocado drool was bitchin'.

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