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Her life just sucks

I knew it was going to be a long afternoon when Mia pitched a screaming, crying, hiding behind a towel tantrum because the cookie I let her have an hour before dinner was too small.

She cried even harder when she discovered that pitching a tantrum about the size of your pre-dinner cookie is an excellent way to lose access to your pre-dinner cookie.

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My son is three-and-a-half and he pitches a fit about everything. When he says yes, he really means no. When he says he doesn't want peanut butter, it really means he does. And the screaming when he doesn't get his way...oh, dear, I could just die. Or laugh.

People told me that age three was way worse than the terrible two's. They were right. My daughter is almost two-and-a-half and I'm still waiting for her terrible two's to start. I'm guessing that when she's his age, my house will be pure hell.

They say three is the first adolescence. You know what? They're right.

Bummer for Miss Mia. What a tough little life she has! Good thing she's got that cute little grin to get by on when life is hard!

Ahhh, that can be a hard pill to swallow. Ya know, the actions have consequences thing and all.

NO! It's supposed to get better once they turn three!!!

I agree that 3 is worse then 2, I have to say the first few months after 3 I wanted to lock myself in my room and cry everyday but at 3 and 8 months life is so much better! Way to go on taking the cookie away, the right move, a hard one but the right one.

And, welcome to three.

At naptime today Michael decided to destroy his twilight turtle rather than sleep. Than he cried at bed time when he didn't have his turtle. It's a long year.

Oh life sucks, indeed. I would have taken the cookie away too. Monkey only recently started with the little - big thing. When I say he needs to eat 3 spoon fools of dinner, before he's done.. he'll put an insanely minimal amount on his spoon. It's kind of funny.

I always read your posts with a smile because its so obvious how much you love your kids but sometimes they drive you mad.
The smile kinda slips when i remember i'm due in November and i have all this to come!
Pol x


You'll be sorry.

She'll grow up and vote Republican just to spite you.

Can I have her cookie?

Iggy is the same way, 3 year olds are VERY particular.
And now he has enough vocabulary to really let me have it. My mantra is, "That is NOT how we get what we want around here."

Isn't three wonderful? I'm counting the days until four. I've heard it gets better then. Hopefully we'll survive long enough to find out.

Fate is cruel, indeed. Sad she had to learn such a harsh and enduring lesson so young. It's almost Shakespearean in its tragedy.

but did you then eat the cookie? because that's what i do to, you know, add fuel to the fire. they seem to love it.


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