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In the Jungle

Mia and I devoted a portion of yesterday to the creation of play dough animals. I would offer prizes for the first person to correctly identify each of them, but I still owe someone a cd from a year and a half ago, so clearly I'm not good for it. Anyway, name 'em and claim 'em as you see fit.

P.S. I am trying to get a new blogging job thingy, which if I do I promise not to exhort you all to read it since it is mostly a local thing, but I have a guest post up on one of their sites today and I would like to throw up some numbers, just to be fancy. So would you purty, purty please click over here for me? You totally don't even have to read it, although if you have kids in one of the areas they cover, they have some nifty stuff. Cool? Please? Kisses!

Comments (21)

lets seeee.... giraffe, triceratops (?), elephant, snake, gorilla, octopus and bunny rabbit!


p.s/ fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst!

Giraffe, Triceratops/Dinosaur, Elephant, Snake, Bear, Octopus, and Rabbit

I say:
Llama, triceratops, elephant, snake, monkey, octopus and rabbit.

Good job on the animals!

Fun! Brontosaurus, triceratops, elephant, snake, monkey, octopus, bunny.

Giraffe, I'm pretty sure that's Baby Bop from Barney, elephant, snake, penguin?, octopus, bunny.

Those are so cute! Looks like you had a fun afternoon. :D I live in the same area you do, so if you get the gig, you have to let me know so I can read it!!!

Seems easy enough:

Zebra in an Easter bonnet

1) apatosaurus, formerly known as brontosaurus
2) triceratops
3) elephant
4) snake w/forked tongue
5) I have no idea, but hubby thinks monkey
6) octopus
7) bunny

Mia's playdoh animals are better than ANYTHING I've created in the last 5 years!

p.s. I almost guessed giraffe for #1, but Mia likes dinos.....

sigh, ok, hubby says he can't be a triceratops, because Mia didn't put the horns on, so he's either a ceratopsia, a centasaurus, or a protoceratops. Like Mia cares.

giraffe, triceratops, elephant, snake, monkey, octopus, bunny

I didn't look to see if anyone else guessed that way because I am lazy.

Gonna go click at your other post.


Brontosaurus, Triceratops minus the horns, elephant, snake, Owen (sad about his smushed head), octopus, bunny

Dinosaurs for #1 and 2, elephant, snake, TERP (someone clearly is a University of MD fan, octopus, and rabbit.

(I think I may have an unfair advantage, my brother is a terp and has the mascot tatood on his back...)

1. Geoffrey
2. Sara
3. Horton
4. Kaa
5. Koko
6. Inky
7. Peter Rabbit

What? You *did* say "name them".

Clearly we have a dino, triceratops, elephant, snake, Owen (babies in our house are know as slobber-monsters), octopus and while it looks like a bunny, I'm guessing the last is a kitty.

why I am the only one who thinks the yellow guy is a bear?


Giraffe, triceratops, elephant, snake, monkey, rabbit.

I mean, really. Duh.

bunny rabbit

Ack. I'm too late. Everyone has already guessed. How fun, though! We just make snakes with miss A. Snakes and balls. A lot of them.

1. Gia the Girrafe
2. Tyrone the Tricerotops
3. Elise the Elephant
4. Sammy the Snake
5. Michael the Monkey
6. Oliver the Octopus
7. Rena the Rabbit

Giraffe, dinosaur, elephant, snake, ehm... Chris, octopus, rabbit?

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