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Owen Wednesday #24: Party Like It's 1972 Edition

Owen sporting a totally kickin' outfit originally worn, lo those many years ago, by his father.

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The CUTEness! It's too much!

Is that outfit really saved from 1972? 'Cause my mom would do that. She saved toys for my kids.

OY! I'm on sweetness overload! You're going to give me diabetes one of these days.

He has to be the happiest and cutest baby on the planet! Look at those huge smiles, they just fill up his whole face!

i love this last picture if Mia and Owen... it almost makes me want to have another one so I can experience sibling love...

Precious. That outfit looks brand new.

It's been a super-stressful day here, but seeing this smiley baby pictures really helped. Thank you for sharing!

That is impressive! Wow! (And how fun for the grandparents, I'm sure...)

SO cute!

Adorable, though with the pink and green plaid I don't know how we missed seeing Mia in this outfit too :) BTW, did you ever tell us why there are no more Mia Mondays?

You and the cactus make beautiful kids! Great pics, Beth!

Get Out! I swear there are pictures of my "little" brother wearing that same outfit! From about the same time period.

Too Cute!

He seems even happier to be there than the turtle on the clothing. As for both your children, you're obviously feeding them laughing gas, because really....can they honestly be that happy at the same time?

Good God that kid is cute!

Mia is so grown up. She's beautiful.

what? no pictures of Chris sporting that outfit?!

Look at cute Mr. Turtle on his cute little tummy. How happy can you get. He doesn't look like he is sleep deprived. Mia and Owen are absolutely the cutest kids I have ever seen, so Chris and you, both, must be HOTT!

Oh dear, I think I had that outfit too. Owen sports it well and might cause a comeback... That child makes you want to pick him up and squish him :)

Did Daddy wear it when he was 2 years old? Owen is almost bigger than Mia...good thing she's been so nice to him.

Having said all of that..the two of you have the most beautiful children ever. :-)

He is totally going to be a heart breaker. That outfit is flipping adorable. I still have some of my clothes I wore when I was small, hopefully I'll have someone that can fit them someday.

Man!! That 3rd picture!! How can you NOT just beam back at him!! So, so cute. I do think it's interesting that his hair is so light while Mia's was so dark!

Has your mother in law had that outfit in her attic all of these years? If so - that's pretty funny (and neat)!

Oh my gosh, they are so beautiful! Owen looks like such a happy baby. And that last picture of them...just precious.

Not bad for 1972! I mean, it could have been much worse! Then again, I think Owen would be adorable in a paper bag :)

I LOVE the one of them together! Mia's smile is wonderful! And Owen, oh sweet Owen... *swoon* haha! He is such a beautiful little chubby baby.
And I must say, I was a little disappointed that the link didn't lead to a picture of Chris in the same outfit ;)

And he looks so happy doing it!! They are so cute. The picture of the two of them together is precious! :)

Oh he is so cute! And Mia is so pretty. Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures.

I love that your mother-in-law saved that outfit. How precious to be able to dress Owen in it! The beaming smiles!!

You've got some really happy, photogenic kids! Do you take a whole lot so that at least a few of them are awesome or are you just lucky? My daughter (2 years old) covers or contorts her face anytime I break the camera out just to make me stop taking pictures of her.

that gummy smile makes me happy, want to favorite them in flickr as well as come and play with him...
can I please please please... I bring chocolate and wine for adults :)

(oh and that second one should totally be Owen's sidebar photo :))

your kids are so smiley. seriously. where's the crying button?! ;)

As my sisters are considerably older than I am, I wore many a hand-me-down from the 70s.

And he looks so HAPPY about it.

Totally adorable outfit. Owen cracks me up, such a smiley boy.

okay outfit totally rockin... i wish they made em that cute today...
okay I spotted the bedrail in one picture....
i ask you did, how long did you sleep with mia, we are having cole sleep in the bed with us because um if he isn't in bed with us and attached to my breast he is screaming like we are chopping his limbs off, so i ask did she wean herself, when (if ever ) will i get my boobs back, you know just for the nights....

He is so, so happy and beautiful. They both are.

Wow, look at him sitting! He rocks that outfit. Totally cool his parents saved that for him!

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