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Owen Wednesday #26: Daddy's Hat Edition

The best part is, we have very similar shots of Mia. Does anyone else feel a montage coming on?

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I would love to see a montage.

Owen is just beautiful.

I LOVE the thigh dimples in #2! They look so much better on him than they do on me. :)

Heheeheh... Oh how drooly baby chin makes me chortle with glee.

Oh man, he is such a cutie pie!

He is most smooshable. Too cute. Hard to get mad at that face, even when he won't sleep, huh?

He's so HAPPY all the time! That's so fantastic. Cute, happy babies are the bestest.

Oh he is soooooo cute!! Must be a Daddy hat kind of week...

Does he ever do anything BESIDES smile? Seriously, he's the happiest baby I've EVER seen.

He's totally yummy.

That is one cute little boy! Love that last shot!

Does this gorgeous boy every "not" smile?

What a ham! Does this kid ever NOT smile when you pull out the camera? What a doll!

We need a montage!

Just too adorable for words!!

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