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Owen Wednesday #27: Blocks Edition

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Oh my gosh - those block pictures are awesome!!

Oh my goodness! Can this guy get any cuter? Greta pictures too Beth! He's a natural model!

Adorable!! We have those blocks, too, and I just can't seem to get rid of them. The kids LOVE 'em. I've tried to put them away with all the other baby toys many times, but they keep on reappearing.

Wow, Owen has gotten so big!!! He's beautiful!!!

Those are such cool shots. I especially like the last one. Very nice. :D

Love the look of concentration on his face in pic # 2. He's just plain adorable!

My word you have got some cute children. He's getting so big!

Too cute for words.

This kid just instantly makes me smile. : )

Blue is definitely his color. I love how he is concentrating on the blocks in the second photo.

Man. That is one happy-ass walrus.

The boy seems happy, too.

Adorable! Absolutely adorable! Thanks for making me smile...

Oh man is he a happy boy! I love the look on his face in the second picture.

he looks SO much like Mia!

Hi Beth,

I am a very regular reader of your blog (though usually a lurker) I love reading about Mia and Owen ... they sure are the most beautiful babies!

I have a son just a month younger than Owen so reading about him is a lot of fun. It's like I want to know what's in store ahead for me :) Although you do have a super hero for a son ... standing at 6 months is totally unacceptable by mortals!

Anyway... quick question. I absolutely love those blocks Owen's playing with. Where can I find them???

I Love those chubby cheeks!

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