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So, yesterday was fun! First thing in the morning, my laptop bit it. Now sure, I bought the thing for peanuts on Ebay three years ago and have known it was only a matter of time, but I was really bitter. I kept trying and poking at it and cussing at it and the fucker just would not boot. So finally, round about late afternoon I decided to plug it back in, and that fixed it. The sad thing is that this is not the first time I have done this.

Anyway, while my laptop was hosed I packed up the kids and went to visit my doctor to say hey, you have to do something about this miserable rash on my hands because there are times when a bullet to the brain starts sounding like a damn reasonable cure, and my doctor, who is really a Nurse Practitioner, decided to take the opportunity to criticize my parenting. Which, the hell? That has nothing to do with my poor, poor hands, and anyway the children have their own doctor so I think criticizing my parenting falls under his professional purview, not hers. But then she gave me sweet, sweet drugs, so I suppose it is a small price to pay.

Except that then Chris got home unexpectedly early and I bolted out the door as soon as he got here to fill my prescription (couldn't do it earlier because first Owen fell asleep in the car and then I had given Mia my solemn vow that we would go to the pool) and they said if would take 15-20 minutes and after 40 I got fed up and left, so I have to go an entire night without my sweet, sweet drugs. Which hey, I've had this crap for nine solid months, so what's one more night? And anyway, they are supposed to help "some," which is not exactly an awe-inspiring endorsement. But still, some is better than none.

Owen my friend, I could have real damn drugs if it weren't for you. You owe me for this one. Big time.

And! And! My blog is not emailing me my comments, so I am sitting here feeling all alone and unloved and wondering why the hell nobody thinks my kid is cute, because my kid is hella cute, and it turns out that my blog is just feeling bitchy and wants me to feel like an outcast. Bite me, blog.

Wow, does anybody else think I need to chill?

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Why did she criticize your parenting? That's obnoxious.

You have no drive thru pharmacies? Where do you LIVE???

And I am now overly curious as to what part of your parenting she had a problem with because I'll probably feel all insulted too.

Criticizing your parenting? Unless you were beating the kids or letting them lick the floor or the outlets, then I think that she was totally overstepping her place. Which would have been made up much more easily if she had given you a free sample of the sweet, sweet drugs, so that you didn't have to wait around at the pharmacy.

Seriously? What could she possibly have observed in those twenty two seconds to criticize?

And I think there's some planetary alignment. I've been pissy for over a week now because of all the constant crap. The universe is just being a petty ass right now.

Awww. That sucks. And your NP sounds like a crack whore. And your kid is reaaly cute. Hope today is better:)

critised your parenting?! what the hell?! did you drop one on it's head while in there?!
sounds inappropriate to me.
grounds to lodge a complaint, quite possibly.

OMFG, yeah. She criticized your parenting! How exciting! When all you wanted was drugs!

Kill. I'd want to kill her.

How could she even know you or your children enough to think she had a right to criticize? Not okay!

She must be jealous of your hotness.

I know you're not really looking for advice on your hands, but I'm curious as to what treatments you've tried?

I know you tried perioxide before and wonder if you've tried a stronger solution of it (27% - which you can buy as BAQUACIL Oxidizer pool treatment. Weird, I know!)?

I just ask because lately, I've been more of a believer in alternative treatments over medical solutions. I have rotator cuff tendonitis and my doc's solution was a steroid shot that helped for like half a day. Through my own research, I came up with a medley of omega 3 oils, magensium, B vitamins, and a plant extract called mangosteen that have alleviated nearly all of my pain.

Ok - you can tell me to stuff it now and stop sharing my quack stories. :)

You know, if Chris hadnt cut down the pear tree you could go outside and throw pears at unsuspecting people. Which must be fantastic stress relief of which you are now denied.

But I'm glad your puter is working. :)

Why on earth would the nurse practicioner feel she had the right to criticize your parenting?

My day was kind of like that yesterday. There was traffic, and I left the food I had intended to eat for breakfast sitting on the counter instead of bringing it with me, and email was down for hours and I've been trying to write a piece that just will not come together properly.

So I bought a purse online and went to kickboxing class after work. Two great stress relievers!

And your kid is not just cute, he's super adorable.

Okay, curious about which part of parenting your NP decided to blast...

As for the prescription - make them call it in for you next time. That way you can just pick it up whenever it is ready.

The computer thing, I would sympathize, but my laptop hasn't been the same since the big crash earlier this year. And money for a new one - the economy has insured there is no way I can buy a new one right now.

It is CLEARLY spelled out in Chapter 6 of Emily Post's Simple Etiquette for Medical Professionals that a Nurse Practitioner is NEVER to criticize parenting when all the parent wants are some effective drugs.


i SO love when you get all pissy!
awesome ;)

Heh! The battery way getting low in my wireless mouse yesterday and I spent at least 30 minutes wondering why my mouse was jumping all over my screen. Thought for sure something was VERY wrong with my computer and did restarts and everything.

Your kids are definitely cute! I love it when we get similar pics of the baby that we have of the 3 year old when she was a baby.

Sounds like we're all with you on the NP thing.

Sorry for all of the suckatude.

I want to know what the NP said too!

Wow.. Thats a new one! Criticizing your parenting from a doctor that has absolutely nothing to do with why you're there in the first place. Geesh! But, yeah, your blog is kinda bitchy.. it doesn't seem to remember our personal info either. lol Anyway, hope the new meds offer more than "some" relief for ya. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Ditch the crazy NP and see a dermatologist.

And your kids are totally cute.

I gotta tell you, I have had one of those days too. I took a long hot bath and I'm sitting here waiting for the other shoe to fall. I know it will,'s just been that kind of day.
BTW: I love your kid and think he is so totally adorable!

Your kid is SO cute. I have never seen such a happy chub with sweet blue eyes like that. Is he ever pissy?

I think you need a break, babe! And WTF? How did the Nurse Practitioner critique you? I want to know details. Let's go after her! Off with her head.

There really must be something in the air, my friend. I had a major bad day yesterday and accompanying breakdown last night. I feel better today, thankyouJesus.

Hang on, I need to go look out the window........Nope there's not a full moon out. What's with everyone. You're cranky, I'm cranky it seems like everyone is cranky. Well, at least we're cranky together.
At least your computer got better so you could blog about all your stresses.
Chin up Beth, we're here for ya!

Tell your NP I said to go suck an egg! I swear, where does she come off criticizing your parenting?! And you need a pharmacy with a drive-through window.

How did you not leap over the desk and stand on her face?

If those pills dont' need to go see a dermatologist. I had the same thing for months....MONTHS and I saw 3 different doctors.

I was so embarrassed to shake people's hands or hold the stair well. I seriously started to think it would never go away. Anyway, I saw this very cool dermatologist who knew his $hit. he diagnosed it right away and gave me this cream...Fougera Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP .1%. he told me to put it on seriously like 15 times a day....anytime I remembered. He told me to wear white cotton gloves and to try to avoid washing my hands so much, just keep changing the gloves. He said no waterless hand sanitizer (too much alcohol) and dries the skin out and any lotion will just irritate the skin (even if you don't think it will). Anyway, after about 2 to 3 weeks, it was gone. GONE.

Bad news is that it is stress induced and once you've had it you'll be prone to having it again. I start to get some patches every now and then and I just start that cream right up.

BUT - i don't know if it will affect your breastfeeding, so check that. Good luck, I know what you mean. I hated to wash dishes because the hot water hurt so bad. I felt like a leper. :o( (dramatic, much?)

So you need a vacation. Want to come to the beach with me? I need one too!

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