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I was at my weekly American MILF Society meeting this morning, and for the first time ever someone actually recognized me from my blog (or, more likely, recognized the children) and came up to say hello. Now, I've been mentally preparing for this moment for years, planning how I would be all witty and cool and totally better in real life than I am online, but when it came right down to it, it was all I could do to string a few barely intelligible sentences together. I just kept thinking how I wished I had done something with my hair, or brushed it in the past 24 hours even, and wanted to say "look, I swear I am just about to start doing something about this pot belly" or "hey, yeah, I'm a loser, didn't you know?" Oh well, it was still fun.

I totally forgot to tell you that Owen stood up last week. He was sitting on my lap and then all of a sudden the child was upright. Sure, he would have gone ass over tea kettle if I hadn't caught him, but still. This child need to chill the fuck out and loll around on the floor for a while longer.

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That happened to me last summer at a La Leche League meeting. I was completely embarrased when someone asked me in front of everyone, "Hey! Aren't you Teatopia??" I was actually relieved though, too because when I got home, I planned to blog about how lame it was, so thank goodness I got a head's up and didn't talk about everyone at the meeting! I ended up going back to LLL though and now I love it. :-)

Wow, that's really cool! Also? WHAT THE HELL OWEN?

Yeah, like that's going to happen. I swear next week Owen will be playing professional football!!

Gah! I'm quite positive I would have been tongue tied and dressed for a volleyball game (as my husband refers to anything that one would not leave the house in) if I ran into one of the 6 people that read my blog outside of cyberspace.

GEEZE, Owen, have some respect, crawling is not allowed until like 10 months and standing at 12 and walking is not allowed until at least 14 months.

Big, smart baby! Go, go, baby. Good work.

You're famous -- coooool. I would have been all, yeah, my writing isn't as annoying as my voice, eh?

I always wondered if it was appropriate to approach a blogger. I live in the same town as Sundry and a few others I read and I always wonder if I would have the balls to actually approach them since they don't know me (I don't have a blog) and I know so much about them.

My husband freaks out every time someone recognizes me or Sabrina from my blog. He just can't believe that people "know" us. Twice in an airport I've been approached and once at a hotel and once someone in an airport asked my mom if she was Michelle Smiles Mom - she wasn't quite sure how to respond. Then he decides I'm a rock star and should be making a billion dollars from my blog. Ha. He seems to forget that the adoption blog community isn't that large so we are easy to spot.

Just encase the boy in bubble wrap and let him go. He'll be fine and you can take a nap.

I'm sure you were lovely and witty and blew them away. Did the other MILFs know about your blog? That could have been an interesting conversation!

He will be walking before my R does. (R just turned a year by the way, but lazy as hell). Ha!

My husband is the one who was once recognized, because he's in all the photos. Any photo of me is from 20 years and 80 pounds ago. So, I'm anonymous.

I feel even more dorky knowing that it was the first time that has happened. Oh well.

I have always wondered what I'd do in that situation, either as the blogger or as the person who recognized a blogger! I'm going with "blush and stammer."

Also: Owen, SIT.

The only time that has ever happened to me was 1) at BlogHer or 2) at your house and I think both times I had fair warning.

I don't know how I would react if it happened in regular life.

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