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Saving to disk

I would like to have a TiVo in my head, so that when I am old and gray(er), I could come back to yesterday. To a mild July afternoon watching Mia, still smelling of chlorine from a morning trip to the pool, wearing her too big, baggy-ass big girl underpants and a too small t-shirt pulled up to reveal her belly "like Pooh." She had the hose, and used it to water the bushes and the flowers, the garage and the house, the windows and finally her hair, earning herself a face full of water. Owen was in my lap, smelling of green apples and breast milk, drool puddling off of his several chins, squirming and climbing all over me in an attempt to rocket himself into the wider world where there are so many fun things to cram into his mouth.

Minutes later, upstairs, Owen executed his first ever backwards commando crawl across the bedroom until he wedged his lower half under the bed and had no means of escape. As soon as Mia discovered him, she joined him under the bed and then cajoled her father until my entire beautiful little family was peeking out from under the bed, smiling and laughing.

I can't imagine how life could get any better.

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Any pictures?

No my dear, it doesn't get any better than this.

Absolutely none better. Ahhhhh, no need for pics, your description of the day was perfect. Now you have this blog to refer to when you are older and gray(er) to help you remember.

Awww. Moments like that are why I stay home with my kids. Before long they'll be in school and then they'll be teenagers and right now, I don't want to miss anything! :-)

Sigh! Can you see how green I am?

Although this is so beautiful and sounds so magical (and since I'm pregnant it gives me hope all those baby horror stories I've been told can be countered with some gloriousness), the part that really got me was "mild July afternoon." It was ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT DEGREES in Texas. I am so jealous of 90% of the country right now.

Lovely image - may it stay with you for a long, long, long time!

You described this so perfectly, I felt it. Yea for days like that!

It really is those little moments that make life with kids so sweet....

That is awesome! I had a similar moment recently where all five of us were in bed and I just couldn't believe it was real, this family we have created.

yesterday was a mild august afternoon...

ahem, I for one demand photos of the family under the bed!

Sounds the way, how do you manage going to the pool with Mia AND Owen? You are brave...

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