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Stomach for days

Hey, tall people! Where do you buy clothes? I'm only 5'6", but about four feet of that is torso leaving most of my shirts straining to meet my pants, and I am far past the point in life where sporting a couple inches of bare belly is either appealing or appropriate. Surely there must be t-shirts that will cover my muffin top that aren't maternity shirts (which is what I am wearing today, but it is highly depressing), but where? Where?

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Try the Gap. They have tall sizes (like petites but opposite) where the shirts are cut longer. Love that! I also, in general, like Express, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and Theory.

I'm tall and I like my shirts to be a little on the long side so I like (I know!) Old Navy, and Target for basic T-shirts and if I want to get all fancy, I get other shirts from Ann Taylor Loft...

what Laurie said -- I'm 6' tall and am SO GLAD those short shirt days are over and we're all about long shirts right now.

Target has GREAT tees - especially in the junior section - I wear a medium in "adult" clothes and an XL in juniors, but they are long enough there and I was just there on Wednesday - nice tees for $5 a piece.

After that, I don't know. I will tell you that I shop for jeans buy looking at the bottom of the rack. Any pair that sticks out below the rest, I pull out...ha. but I don't think that would work with shirts?

I would also say try the Gap. They tend to cut their shirts longer anyway....

Try or They both sell really long-cut tops for layering (or wearing alone). Totally does the trick covering my muffin top.

Target and Old Navy has a TON of long tops. I'm the same height as you, and have the same problem. I HATE short torso tops. I worry about this with maternity tops. How am I going to keep them long enough AND cover a growing belly? Man.

I recommend Eddie Bauer's Essential Tshirt, they come in a great thick cotton, short sleeve, 3/4 length or long sleeve, and round or v-neck. And they're on sale right now at the website.

I'm 5'6" too, and I swear by camisoles. I'm a teacher of high school, so I absolutely cannot have my belly making an appearance when I reach up to write on the board. I buy my camis at Aeropostale. They're super long. Some days I tuck them in, others I let them show. They're cheap, too. I wear one every single day it seems. Just a thought.

P.S. I'm a long-time reader! I get my baby fix from reading your blog. My husband thanks you.

People have suggested the Gap which has Tall sizes, but I don't think it was mentioned that you can only buy the tall sizes online. Which is fine, if you don't mind waiting for them and then trying on and returning if they aren't good. I only recently learned that the tall sizes (in pants - i don't think they carry specialty shirt sizes in the store) are longer than the LONG sizes they carry in the store. Petite is 30" inseam, regular is 32", long is 34" and tall is 36" (THREE CHEERS FOR TALL SIZES!). Anyway, I was just browsing on their site the other day so if you select tall sizes they will show you everything htey have available in tall and that includes shirts/sweaters/tees. Happy shopping!

J. Crew works for my long-torsoed neighbor.

Ok, you're probably going to throw something at me for suggesting this, but maternity stores have extra long t-shirts and the way "skin tight maternity" is IN right now, they don't fit any different than regular t-shirts.

I've been obsessed with the longer shirts at Old Navy ever since having my son. But be careful and try everything on. I have the most wonderful blue v-neck from there and when I saw the same exact one in pink on sale I picked it up without trying it on. It's seriously like four inches shorter. The blue one was made in Vietnam and the pink in Singapore.
Outsourcing jerks.

Eddie Bauer shirts tend to be longer (and stay longer) in my experience. I am not super tall but tall enough that most shirts which fits me otherwise are either too short or become too short with washing. But good old Eddie still makes them long. Hope that helps!

Eddie Bauer shirts tend to be longer (and stay longer) in my experience. I am not super tall but tall enough that most shirts which fits me otherwise are either too short or become too short with washing. But good old Eddie still makes them long. Hope that helps!

I second the Target suggestion. I'm 5'7" with a super long waist and short legs - their tshirts are plenty long enough for me. I'm wearing one right now, in fact, and it actually is about 5" below my hips. LOVE it. Also - don't know if you have them there or not - but I highly recommend Nordstrom Rack. They have lots of longer tshirts.

If you like to shop online I say search for any empire waisteed tshirts. Those should work.

And you totally DO NOT have a muffin top.

I like TallGirl (Though I usually just get shoes there, because it's for tall SLIM women, and, uh. *ahem*) Anyway, you might get laughed out the door (I took my short little sister with me, and it was hilarious.) At 5'11" I was one of the shorter people there, and my 5'1" sister, well, that was just funny ;) Anyway, if the other stores aren't doing the trick check it out. and according to the map there's one just north of Arlington, and one in Richmond and I have no idea which one might be closer, because I just know you're "over there somewhere-ish."

I'm 5'9" and none of it is in my legs. I'm so glad the cropped shirt nonsense is over. I was sent to the principal's office so many times for violating dress code. And I didn't even WANT to violate dress code!

But I digress. I went to my closet to check it out, and Target and Express are the most widely represented.

And I almost once accidentally bought a shirt from the maternity section... It's very easy to wander over there and not realize it in Target!!

Also, Old Navy's had ribbed tanks that are suuuper long. They have tons of colors, and they're great for throwing under shirts that don't quite make it. AND! AND! I believe they're on sale tomorrow, for $4 a piece because of Labor Day. So, score.

i have the opposite problem.
with shirts i usually have to play the "is it a dress or a shirt?" game because they come down to my knees.

i have the opposite problem.
with shirts i usually have to play the "is it a dress or a shirt?" game because they come down to my knees.

Clothing can be SUCH A PAIN. I feel for you and have no advice about the shirts at all because I am the exact opposite. I am 5'3" tall and wear a long or tall pair of jeans and all my shirts are too long.

Yeah I have no torso at all - which sadly makes it look like I have physically swallowed a baby at 6 months pregnant. Also, can't breathe...

I also am 6'0" tall, and I shop a lot at Ann Taylor Loft. Another place is JC Penney; the A.N.A. brand has a lot of long shirts, and they're VERY comfy. They cover my post-babies muffin top!

I just go for the long flowy look for now until they start making shirts for regular humans again.

Try Kat Clothing - She is a friend of mine who is 6'2" and just opened up a brick and morter in KC and also has the web to order. All the tall chicks should look there first - inseams - inseams that work!

Land's End online. All shirts are available in tall, quality is good, prices (when on sale) are reasonable, and -get this!- you can return anything to Sears.

Love it.

(PS I attempted to post this, with much more effort put into it, yesterday but did you know that on your site, if you preview your post and make any edits, you get scolded for posting too often and the internet throws away your deepest thoughts?!)

I like Old Navy and Target for longer shirts. I'm long-waisted and have stupid big boobs that take up a lot of yardage in the shirts.

I second the Tall Girl suggestion! I am only 5'7" but have a 34" I have the exact opposite problem. I can definitely say that Tall Girl sells all sizes, including tiny ones. At one point I only wore a size 6 (working to get back there) and they even sold a size 6 that was long enough!!

I'm tall too...6 feet...and Eddie Bauer tall shirts are great. I think the "shaped fit" are the best - their basic t-shirts come in 1/2 dozen styles and are very well made. Beware the "easy fit" though...they are BOXY.

I too have been blessed in the torso department (this comment is already off to a shaky start), and I have some Old Navy Perfect Tees that I think are the first t-shirts I have EVER OWNED that are long enough without being, like, tunics. However, then I ordered another batch of the SAME SHIRTS, and the fabric is about half as thick. They're so thin, I feel weird wearing them. Like freckles are visible through them.

New York & Co.

There's a shop in the UK called Long Tall Sally that is wonderful! Of course, you'd have to pay insane shipping prices, and deal with the weak dollar, so probably not worth the cost.

If you do check them out keep in mind that everything is designed for REALLY tall people, so long sleeves are really long. I'm 5'9", and the sleeves on a jacket I bought there were about 5 inches too long for me before I shortened them.

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