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Fair Warning

Dear World,

We are heading out to run some errands in a few minutes, and I can virtually guarantee that Mia is going to pitch a messy public tantrum. Sorry about that, but if we don't go it will blow the whole "actions have consequences" concept we are trying to instill in the child. I'll do my best to make it brief. In the meantime, just avert your eyes.


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Best of luck.

wow, you're good, Im still in my helps that i have no where to go....just say'in

Oof. Good luck!

Isn't there always one person who gives you that "I know what you're going through" smile/glance/look? I just think about that person and hope they decided to go to the same store at the same time.

here is mine:
Dear world: You won't even know we are here, because today I am staying home. The kid is staying in pajamas, in fact the other kid who I did manage to get to school on time said "when I get home, I'm puttin' my pjs back on". Amen. I might accomplish something today, just don't count on it. Thanks, Kristin....
Good luck with Mia today :) Way to stick to your guns!

I have to head off to class in 10 minutes. May I also throw a public tantrum so I don't have to go?

Don't you just love the public tantrums? Good luck with the outing!

Good luck!

If anyone gives you a look, just look right back, and tell them she's too big for a muzzle now.

I've always found the 4goingon5s to be FAR worse for tantrums (maybe because they're stronger?)
Wig's been havning a few lately. He had another screaming kicking 'i hate you, you're stupid' have to DRAG across roads (had to go to clinic for Petal's 12mths check) one today. 'sigh'.

He's big for his age, and a yellow belt in karate. It's NO fun being attacked and not being able to defend myself (or feeling guilty for weeks if I do).

Hoping it was tantrum free but knowing most children, the predictability is scary...

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