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Getting jiggy

On Saturday we had rain of biblical proportions around here, and in between playing with umbrellas and wondering whether the pond and/or basement were going to flood, Mia and Chris taught each other some "moves."

Chris started with that arm wave thing. I think it is called the "Seizure."

Next was that thing where you hold one leg and swing it around. The "Wow, I Look Silly" maybe?

Followed by the ever-famous "Traction Spins."

And then the "Foot Through the TV Jump." Sorry you can't get the full effect of the move here, but I had to crop out the princess underpants that Mia is so fond of showing off.

For the big finale, the "Deranged Frog."

And then they collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Finally, wouldn't this have been an amazing shot if Owen hadn't been screaming his fuzzy little head off? Oh well.

P.S. This is mostly for my mom, now that we have done the whole cathartic I know you read my blog, I know you know, I know you know I know thing (which by the way, guest post from my mom this week, mark thine calendars!), Mia's first day of preschool. Moments before she hiked her dress up to her neck.

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OMG, Chris is cracking me up! What a talented hubby you have.

You're husband could be my husband's twin with those bad ass dance moves. And he loves to do them in public. While singing karaoke to bad 90's rap songs. Oh yes.

How cute is she all ready for school? So cute.

Brave woman putting her in a dress for her first day! I was not very smart and sent my daughter in white capri's. I picked her up in brown capri's. Damn the sand box.

When I remarried, my littlest was just 2. She had a habit of hiking her dress over her head and showing off her underwear. At our wedding reception, she came to my wife, her new stepmom, and cried that everyone was laughing at her. My wife whispered in her ear "if you stop raising your dress up in the air, they'll stop laughing at you." It worked!

My video of our reception also includes my daughter walking around chirping like a bird, something she had just learned how to do.

I could never dance as cool as Chris though.

Beth: When I grow up, I want to be able to mock my husband in public as skillfully as you do. You? Are my hero. (foot through the tv jump = snotrocket)

Beth's mom: I am very near year TWO of Beth's Mom's Guest Post withdrawals. Hurry up with it, woman. :)

Too funny! Hey, at least it kept them entertained! Mia is adorable, however, I'm hoping she didn't show off the princess panties too many times...

Yeah, our basement flooded. Just a little bit, but it surely was dramatic, what with the cursing, the towels and buckets and the unattended children mesmerized by the Backyardigans. Adorable pictures, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a better time for you and Mia tomorrow.

Wow! I think it's awesome that Chris gets silly with the kids - Mia is going to have some amazing memories as she gets older!! (But she may have some 'splainin to do at her first middleschool dance when she starts busting her daddy's moves).

There was lots of underpants dancing at our house too. Rainy day life can be fun, provided it only happens once in awhile. I guess it is good practice for winter.

I love how moments like this just seem to happen, seemingly out of nowhere. You're especially good at capturing them for the ages.

Oh I just love the pictures! Tell Chris to be careful. I remember doing something like that when I was his age and throwing out my back! LOL! (I'm getting old!)

nice moves!

can't WAIT for Beth's mum's guest post!
c'mon Beth's mum!

Those dance moves are something else!
Mia is adorable and I hope she has lots of fun at pre-school.

Look at Chris, busting his ass err a move!

Go Cactus, it's your birthday
Go Cactus!

Your children grow more beautiful by the day. I love Mia's outfit. Mary Jane shoes and frilly socks. Ahhh memories.

After moves like the Traction Spin I hope your friendly neighborhood HMO pays for a chiropractor......

Mia is too cute in that dress.

Go Chris! That is too awesome haha. I'm jealous of the moves.
And Mia...oh, Mia...most beautiful child! Love the smooches to Owen too.

I have been waiting for this... and that is one of the cutest school girl photos I have seen in a looong time. Catholic school here her princess panties come :)

Great photos. Glad that Chris is so creative and entertaining. Looks like you guys got the same storm my MIL did. She said she had to dig out her wet/dry mop for the basement as it poured all day.

At least, Mia posed before she hiked up her dress. Owen is getting so big. Is he still not sleeping much at night?

May I ask where you get her dresses?
Mia has the prettiest dresses.

Haa, y'all slay me.

Thank you, now I know that we're not the craziest family on the universe.
Also, Mia has to be the cutest kid I've ever seen, besides my own of coarse.

The dress lifting is why Lilli wore bike shorts under her dresses for several years.

I just found you again. (Yeah, it took me awhile)
For now, all I will say is that your Mia is so grown up and that little guy is TOO CUTE for words.
I missed reading your blog- glad it's still here. Yay!

Oh my god, I haven't laughed like that this week. Thanks, I needed that this morning! And I gotta say, it is reassuring to me as a parent to see the pic of Owen not being perfect, I was beginning to think there was something wrong with us . . . ; )


...after seeing those photos of Chris in action....and how those..........skills......have been passed along to Mia.....I am a total and complete loss for words.


Wow, I used to love hitting the dance floor, but now I'm just intimidated. Chris' skills are...well, they're...yeah.

Adorable post :)

Looks like a rainy afternoon at MY house. Only we don't have children to entertain. We just entertain ourselves. What does THAT say about us? Ha!

You have such a talented husband! Mine does the "grab the leg from behind" one too.

Wasn't that rain ridiculous?

I had to laugh - my daughter is also at that pull-up-the-dress-to-show-off-the-princess-underwear stage! Great post!

she is so stinkin CUTE! you guys sure do make pretty babies!

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