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Happy Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday. I'd act all coy about how old she is, but some of you likely remember how I went on and on about hosting her 60th birthday party at our house last year less than a month after we moved in, so I guess that cat is out of the bag.

My mom and I have very different personalities. She's outgoing and exceedingly kind and talkative and the most empathetic person I have ever known, and I'm none of those things. She's also smart and driven and capable and caring, and I hope that I learned a bit about those from her.

I don't remember ever having a fight with my mom. Is that strange? I mean, I was generally a good kid and she was generally good at letting me live my own life even when she secretly thought I was making a royal mess of it, so I guess we never had much to fight about.

I love my mom. And it is because I love her (and I really hope this won't upset her) that I want to let her off the hook.

So everybody, please tell my mom Happy Birthday.

And Mom, I know you are reading this, so Happy Birthday from me too. I love you.

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Happy birthday, Beth's Mom!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Beth's Mom!

I miss your guest posts.

Does that mean you stopped banning her ip? (I kid, I kid)

Your mom was delightful to me at Mia's party.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Beth's mom!! My mum's birthday was just two days ago - so obviously all the best mothers have their birthdays right around now :-)

Happy Birthday Beth's Mom! What a treat to have a birthday at this back-to-school time of year!

Happy Birthday Beth's Mom!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to Beth's Mom! You know, I miss hearing from her like we did on your ClubMom blog. She was always so adorable...

Happy Birthday and many more!

Happy Birthday Beth's Mom!

So your family's reading your blog now! I'm almost that brave.

Happy Birthday Beth's mom! I miss your guest entries at Club Mom too!

Happy Birthday Beth's mom!

All the monkeys in the zoo
Send their best regards to you
Happy Birthday
To you!

Happy Birthday, Beth's Mom! You sound like a wonderful person--I feel the same way about my mom and I hope my daughter feels the same way about me.

I read your blog every day but don't always comment (sorry). Today I just had to let you know that I saw your twin. Seriously, I had to do a double take. If I had a picture taking device I would have captured this person to show you. Your twin lives right out side of Boston. It was crazy! (please don't think I'm crazy!)

Happy Birthday to the Big Fish!

Happy birthday, Beth's Mom!

I hope you had a wonderful day.

Aww, Happy Birthday Beth's Mom!

Happy Birthday Beth's mom! I liked your guest posts over at Clubmom.

Happy Birthday (and many wishes of wine and chocolate)!

Happy birthday Beth's mom (these wishes may come a bit late as they have to travel alllll the way from Europe!)

Happy birthday, Mom of Beth!

Happy birthday Beth's mom! I too miss reading her guest entries from ClubMom. I hope she had a wonderful time yesterday.

Happy Birthday to your Mom, she sounds lovely.

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