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So! Mastitis is fun! All the excitement of the flu, plus tremendous boob pain. I had to have Chris come home from work this morning because I didn't think I was able to be responsible for the children.

I'll be back just as soon as my skin stops hurting.

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Oh lord, I am so sorry. I had mastitis the week after my son was born, and he was still in the NICU, so I sat at home, miserable and throbbing, while my husband went to the hospital.

I totally didn't mean for that to come out as pathos-filled as it did.

What I meant was: oh! SUCK. Hope it passes soon.

oh dear. so so sorry. Getting over thrush myself and it hasnt been fun, but I hear mastitis is worse.


That sucks. Hope it's gone soon...

Just when you thought things couldn't get ANY better? Mastitis is awful, I hope you get better soon. You should try a breast abscess! Now THAT is fun! All the mastitis symptoms PLUS having to drain puss out with a BFO needle. YUK!

ugh, so brutal. yet another reason to kibosh any more planned pregnancies - after breastfeeding my two for both first years of their lives i escaped mastitis free. i will not push my luck by having a third.

Awww! Feel better! I was lucky enough to escape mastitis both with both kids. But, friends of mine suffered tons from it. FEEL BETTER!

I'm so sorry, Beth! Sending lots of get well thoughts.

Oh so sorry! I have had mastitis only once, and it downright sucked.

Hope you feel better soon!

Hope you feel better soon!

Ugh, mastitis is the worst. I haven't had it with my most recent nursing experience - but I did have it with our triplets. I thought for sure I was going to die, while in the bathtub, submerged under hot water >> which is the only place I could get warm.

Hopefully, you've been prescribed the prescription Keflex. Once I started taking the prescription, I was cleared up within ~24 hours.

Oh man, get well soon, poor you!

glad chris could take time off and support you!

Oh poor you! I hope your feeling better soon.

Ow, I remember it well even though it is (does quick bit of mental arithmetic) 8 years ago now. This too will pass.

Gah... Seems like its always one thing after another, doesn't it. Hope you're feeling better soon and happy to hear Chris is there to help. Get some rest!

Ugh! I remember getting it a few a times with my youngest daughter - hurt SO FREAKIN BAD! I hope that it heals soon!!

Oh Beth! I have a new understanding of, and sympathy for, awful boob pain. Bad. Get better!!

Oh you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon.

Mastitis is what I save leftover narcotic painkillers for. Because BEEZUS.

Sounds ridiculous but seriously - cold cabbage leaves in your nursing bra... best thing that ever happened to me while dealing mastitis.

Geez. You make glad that I don't have boobs. And that's really saying something.

They are no Swistle brownies but I've got some in the oven as I type for a naptime delivery. Hopefully the meds have kicked in enough now to make things a bit more bearable today but if not, chocolate can only help, right?

ack! it's the worst! more painful than delivery or anything else pregnancy related. i had it on both sides with 103 fever. take lots of tylenol and advil

Mastitis sucks rocks. Do you have a breast pump? It totally helps drain the boobage and, despite the crappy all over feeling, draining the boob feels better. My mastitis cleared up after about 2 days of antibiotics. I'm sure you'll feel better soon. Besides, Chris needed the break from work...or at least he sure SOUNDS like he did.

So sorry you got that! I had it with my oldest, was worse than anything in my life! I was shivering so violently that I couldn't hold a glass of water to take Advil without spilling it! Sucked big time! 3 days of antibiotics and many hot showers later, I felt human again! Feel better soon Beth!

Ouch. Keflex is good, so are hot showers and pumping. If you have one of those pillows you can zap in the microwave that stays hot for a while, that feels good too. Hope you feel better soon.

That sucks ass.

Feel better!

Oh No! Ugh. Give those boobies some loving care.

oh no. I hope you get better soon.

Ohhhhhhhhhh SO sorry. Had this at like 18 months with my 1st, thought I was going to die. I pray I can avoid it this time around. Get well soon!

Ooh.. ouch! I hope you feel better soon!

Poor you! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Oh I so feel your pain, as I was in the same situation 2 weeks ago!! I went from feeling good to feeling like death in a matter of two hours and it looks like Ms. Dolly Parton had taken over one half of my body...
I NEVER EVER want to feel like that again...

OK-this seriously stinks and I hope you are feeling better. Did you have it with Mia? How do you think it happened?

That doesn't sound like fun at all. I hope you're feeling better!

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