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Mish mash I was taking a bath

I sing "Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath" to Mia when she is in the tub, and she thinks it is hilarious. Or maybe she is laughing that I only know two lines. Come to think of it, I sing her lots of songs where I only know two lines. She is very tolerant.

We had a blogger playdate today with Erin, Clementine and Oscar, who are no longer in Bangkok no matter what that blog says. (Erin was the blogger who recognized me at the MILF Society meeting a couple of weeks ago.) (Ok, ok, it so it was at the library. You people are no fun.) Unfortunately, I neglected to take any pictures of the children together, which is a real shame because it was a total love fest. We could hardly get them to stop hugging and kissing each other long enough to pay attention to any toys.

Um, would someone out there like to volunteer to be tech support for my blog? I need to fix my cookies so that my "remember me" works and update my index file so that the blog content loads before the sidebar, and I have dedicated hours upon hours to trying to do both of those things and cannot get them done. I will pay! Real money even! Or iTunes gift cards or Chris Cactus cds or some other item of value to you. Come on, it has to be like 20 minutes of work for someone who knows what they are doing.

Or maybe I could get Swistle to mail you brownies? Did I tell you she sent me brownies? Wasn't that nice or her? She sent them to console me for having to live with this miserable leprosy on my hands (it isn't leprosy, but leprosy might be preferable) and they were delicious and a total surprise and I ate every last one of them during Mia's first day of preschool. Which was only two hours long and which I was only home one hour of so I ate two dozen brownies in an hour. And it helped. And let me tell you, the only thing better than Surprise Brownies is Surprise Brownies on your first child's first day of preschool when said child spent the first half hour sobbing and screaming "I want my mommy!"

And oh yes, I am going to a gallery reception tomorrow - friend of the artist, don't you know - and I was wondering what you wear to a gallery reception? Also, if any of you happen to know a good restaurant in Glen Echo, MD, shoot it at me because we are taking advantage of having babysitters to make this a date night/fancy gallery party evening.

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Senisble, sophisticated sort of pants-suit or a cocktail dress. The less back, the better.

Sorry, no help here on the blog issues.

Black. That's what you wear to gallery openings. Simple black dress - the back is optional with some really funky cool accessories.

Brownies (and ice cream) (and wine) often help with things like that!

Sounds like a fun night out! Wear something like a basic black dress, or black pants with a pretty top. Keep it simple, though. Have fun!

Some square framed glasses...preferably red. So very gallery like. Have fun!

Well, I'm useless as far as tech endeavors, but if you were needing chocolate chip cookies, well, unfortunately THAT is my strong point (ask my neighbor, who has probably gained 20 pounds since moving next door to me).

Enjoy your night out. Beats the hell out of my night on solo mom duty while my husband goes to the testosterone fest known as Poker night and I hang at home with the kids. I have no idea what one wears to such an event. But, when in doubt - overdress.

i would go for TLBD (the little black dress) with funky slingback heels in an interesting, bright color, with that same shade eye shadow to play it up. that could be fun. and thanks for stopping by the other day! he finally fixed it for me when i threatened your idea. bwah hahaha.

I can give it a look. The Chris-flavored CDs is a tempting offer. Let me know how I can get access to your junk (HA!).

I wish I knew how to fix it! I could send myself brownies!

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