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No, I just paid attention in third grade

Mia: What direction is this?
Me: North.
Chris: Really?
Me: Really.
Chris: How do you know that?
Me: Because the sun comes up over there and goes down over there, which makes that North.
Chris: You have a scientific mind.

(Stay tuned for a photo essay of the rainy day when Chris taught our daughter to break dance. Like an old white guy.)

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I can't get past the fact that your kid asks what direction you are going when my kid, just a few months younger, would ask WHERE MY DORA SNACK???

Can hardly wait for the video!

Impressive. I can never remember which way the sun rises and sets, so I'm as equally impressed by your directional capabilities as I am by the breakdancing...

maybe thats why men never ask for directions....

Heh. Jamie was obsessed about direction for a while. Thank goodness for the compass in the van! She's happiest when she can see it herself :)

My hubby gave up trying to teach me about directions. Doesn't work for me, he tells me and it never sticks despite the fact that we have mountains and easy ways to keep it straight if my mind would work that way.

When I bought a new SUV, I made sure that the directions showed up on the mirror and got the navigation system.

Great story!

That seems to be very similar to how I figure out my directions. Although I always seem to be mumbling under my breath, "north, east, south..." all while trying to keep my finger-pointing on the DL...

Love your site. I've been reading it for quite some time now and am finally getting around to blogrolling. You're top on the list, fo' sure!

ha ha! See, if you lived in Denver, directions by N E S W are commonplace... because the mountains. are. always. west. When I live there in MD I couldn't tell my head from my ass.

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