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Owen, Month Seven

Sweet Owen,

You are seven months old today and as happy and flirty and chubby as ever. Well, at least you are happy when you aren't cutting teeth, which you have been doing all month. Your two bottom teeth came in almost a month ago, and you two top teeth are finally cutting after making you miserable for two weeks. At least the teeth will eventually allow you to eat pizza, which seems to be a major goal of your life.

You still aren't sleeping worth much, thanks to those teeth and a cold you picked up, but we had a great stretch at the beginning of the month once your reflux medicine kicked in. Turns out that was the culprit after all, despite the highly skeptical nurse we encountered the first time we tried to get you some help. Eating solids hasn't improved matters, although I suspect it just isn't possible to fill you up enough to last more than a couple of hours. You eat rice cereal, oatmeal, apples, pears, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes, avocados and yellow squash. So far the only thing you don't like is yellow squash, and I can't say that I blame you, but I made a big batch of it and refuse to throw it away so I just hide it in other things and you are none the wiser. We tried your first finger foods this month too, although they were my fingers doing the feeding and you hated it. Maybe next month.

You started playing games this month. One of your favorites is "Something on Owen's Head." This involves, surprisingly, putting something on your head and then saying "Hey Owen! I think you have something on your head!" You smile and giggle and sometimes laugh so hard you fall over before finally pulling the something off and grinning expectantly at me until we do it again. Your approach to any object is taste it, shake it, bang it. You love anything that makes noise, the louder the better, especially daddy's guitars, your pianos, the real piano, and your new guitar. You also love peek-a-boo and splashing in a tub and when I blow raspberries to the tune of "Summertime."

You are so desperate to move. You can roll and spin and scoot backwards fast enough to cross a room and get yourself wedged under the furniture in a matter of seconds. You can stay up on your hands and knees and even get all the way up on your hands and toes. You are figuring out how to move your legs in a crawling motion, but haven't figured out to move your arms yet so that when you do make forward progress you end up collapsing on your nose. You can stand with help only for balance and precious little of that, and when you see someone dancing you jiggle and wiggle your chubby little legs like you want to dance too.

You are a total ham any time you see a camera, grinning and laughing. You love to be tickled. You love zerberts. You love Mia's toys and most especially Mia. You could happily watch her for hours and I am sure that as soon as you learn to crawl you are going to dedicate that new talent to following her everywhere she goes. You love to be thrown up in the air, spun around in circles, flipped upside down. Anyone who does any of those things once had better be willing to do it 50 times, because after the first time you keep flinging your body in the direction you want to go, and I can see you thinking "Again! Again!"

You coo and hum and buzz and babble and when you cry you say "mama mama mama" and break my heart.

Mia is off to preschool two days a week now, and you and I are trying to figure out what to do with all this time alone. You tend to look around for Mia when she isn't with us, and I think you are already a bit confused by this school thing, but I think we are going to have a lot of fun. It is hard to adjust to only having you wanting my attention, but I am glad to finally have the chance to do it.


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Um, sorry, did you say SEVEN months? Oh, no. You've got to stop him.

(Happy 7 month birthday, little dude.)

Holy cow, it's crazy how fast he is getting bigger. I think he was 3 months old when I started reading here and that seems like it was just yesterday.

Your letter to him is so sweet. He sounds like the perfect little happy guy, well except for the teeth and the not sleeping.

How the heck do you blow raspberries to the tune of summertime? I'd like to see that sometime, I'm sure it'd be pretty amusing. LOL

Happy 7 Months Owen!!

What a big guy! Playing games already???

Did you notice I'm doing everything you did a year later almost down to the day including girl then boy?

He sounds like just such an incredible little person, and I'm happy to get to know him a little :)

So my son didn't like sqaush either, I put some cinnamon in it and he loves it! He's only a few weeks older than Owen and I did that at about 6.5 months so Owen should be fine...

Stunned, I hadn't realized time was flying by like this.

Happy 7 months old to Owen, who continues to entertain and delight me.

Beth, my suggestion is that you take Owen to the park when Mia is at Preschool. Does he like the swing yet?

I think you might just have one of the cutest little babies in the world.

I am absolutely positive that I am not alone when I say we would love to video of "Something on Owen's Head" - actually, just audio of baby laughter would be really great... I miss baby laughter. Teen angst just isn't the same. =)

Awwwwwwwww.........that is adorable!

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