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Owen Wednesday(ish) #30: What Is It With Laundry Baskets Edition

See the teeth? There are four of them now.

And then, last night at dinner...

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If he can be that happy in a laundry basket, then the rest of his life is going to be AWESOME! I'm jealous, actually.

File this under "Things That Make You Go 'Squee!'"

Gotta love it, Beth. Owen is one very happy baby.

Laundry baskets are awesome for when you need to contain them for a moment!

You have a gorgeous family, Beth!

Babies love laundry baskets! Beautiful!

He is getting so big! I love the dinner picture, great timing on your part!

Nothing better than a happy baby!

That is one truly beautiful family there! Chris had your wedding pictures on today and when I saw this I thought how far the two of you have come as a family. You two are just great parents, with totally awesome kids and I am happy to be a part of your blog family!

that last one would be a great b&w :)

So cute! I love the shirt.

He could NOT be more adorable. And with the Bean and Cactus? Totally priceless. I think I just ovulated. Cross your fingers for a baby JB!

Gosh, that Owen has some beautiful eyes, he's going to break some girls heart someday.

Great pictures!!!

Your little family is so durned beautiful. *sniff*

I just love this kid, i really do. You are all so damn cute.

Owen always looks so happy, I love his smile! Beth, you truly have a beautiful family!

Owen, man, you and your friend Thomas here are two peas in a pod. Why cut ONE tiny tooth when you could cut TWO at the same time, or maybe FOUR! There is no prize for who has the most teeth first. Except for eating stuff that requires more chewing, which frankly, can get exhausting.

Oh my God... Beth, your children are just gorgeous.

Not that Chris isn't.

I just mean... wait...

He's very handsome (wait, are you the jealous type?) and all but totally not my type but together they're all gorgeous.

How's that?

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