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Well good morning to you too

Mia is in bed whining about the injustice of having to return to preschool. Not today, mind you, just at some point in the future.

Owen woke me up every 25 minutes all night long to complain about his newest tooth, and is now howling if I dare stop him from chewing my flesh.

These are the moments when I start to fantasize about day care.

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Nah, don't do it. We had a night where each took turns to wake us up all night long - I think about 5-6 times over the course of the night and now I am at work supposed to be productive, but just so so so tired.

Ha! I still remember wasting the last month of summer vacation when I was a kid, complaining about the impending doom of school, instead of just going outside and enjoying my last moments of freedom. My poor parents.

I have a babysitter come for a couple of hours, twice a week to give me a break. Yeah, it's a little expensive, but totally worth it. Kaelin LOVES playing with her while I get stuff done around the house (or take a nap if needed) and it's helping her get used to someone else so if we want a night out we can leave her in the care of a non-family-member without a total system meltdown.

Oh no! Not every 25 minutes!
I have those mornings too, when daycare would seem like a godsend.

Daycare is GREAT. (assuming you have a good one)

I firmly believe in taking breaks from the kids. Healthy for everyone.

Hang in there you are doing great.

Oh, I feel you. Jacob has been waking up every 2 hours for what seems like forever now. We're in this perfect storm of gas/teeth/trying to crawl. If it weren't for Infant Motrin....hope you get some rest soon.

Oh no! I'm so sorry!

Theo has been a fuss bucket because of teething and the learning to sit up fiasco. I agree with Lauren--yeah for Infant Motrin!

Hope things get better soon!

See? Twinges go away.

Don't sell anything though. You'll get pregnant, even if your tubes are tied and Chris had a vasectomy. It's some kind of universal law that you can't sell your baby stuff until the youngest is potty trained for 6 months. Trust the lady with 4 kids.

How is that co-sleeper in the back of the closet looking today?

It sounds like a rough day ahead. I hope everyone sleeps well tonight.

hang in there!

Definitely sounds like a rough have my sympathies!

Chewing flesh... EEEEK! You have my sympathy too. Has Owen been introduced to Slushes or Ice Cream yet? Heavenly creations, those things! There were many outings that included a trip to Sonic for a cherry slush on our way home during those teething days! Heck.. there were MANY days that I headed for Sonic just for that purpose, only to come home and shovel that stuff into one of my teething kids. Crushed ice in a bottle with a little water/juice worked okay too in a pinch, but not all breast-fed babies go for that. My first did, but the second didn't. =/

Hang in there!

that's rough.

but you did tempt fate writing about twinges!

Hey that was MY morning. Only my son didn't wine about the preschool he threw a temper tantrum because the sun was up ... literally.

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